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Bread...I hope :)

Well, haven't posted in quite some time but anyway, today I thought since the hubby was working, I'd try my hand at baking bread... First had to get the starter going... Mixed the yeast, warm water, honey and flour together, see pic below...
Had to let this sit for 30-45 min or until big and bubbly...Once I did that I continued on adding butter, salt, more honey and whole wheat flour...Okay, it's ready for rising...this is the tricky part and I hope it works...
Okay, well this may look impressive but long story short, I forgot to take pictures of this process, basically made bread for the first time last week and I didn't know you were supposed to shape it, so it looked deflated, but it tasted good. Anywho, tried a different recipe this time and the pic below is the product of a different recipe and shaping the bread, I think it looks so pretty and I will definitely use this recipe again.