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7 Months!

Hi Everybody,
So our Maggie girl is 7 months and 5 days, hehe. She's getting so big. She's changing more and more each day.  Let's see, where to start. As most of you know, I think, we started her on solid foods last month at 6 months. Well, it's a month later and she still doesn't like solid food. She much prefers food from me. Oddly enough, I think she has a really sensitive gag reflex. Feeding her either makes her gag and vomit or she spits it back out. (Which she is getting really good at I might add.)  Yesterday I actually tried, feeding her with my finger instead of a spoon and not pureeing the food and wouldn't you know she actually ate some of it. Go figure, she's got a mind of her own, little sweetie! Three days before she turned 7 months she finally cut that first tooth! No more mindlessly putting your finger in there to let her gnaw, she'll get ya! 
Everybody said when she was born she would lose the red hair she was born with, not so far, s…

Homemade Syrup

So last Tuesday, hubby was working very late, so instead of the planned tacos for dinner I decided some waffles sounded good, well wouldn't you know I didn't have any syrup. Well, thank you Pinterest for having pretty every tutorial somebody could need.

So, it tastes fine, however, it's pretty watery. So, two things, I want to find a recipe for a thicker consistency and also would like to buy some pure maple extract, maybe Sprouts has some? It worked though and it went well with my waffles. That's all for now.