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Chicken Soup for Sick Soul (Homemade)

Hey all,

So hubby has been really sick for about two weeks and I thought some homemade chicken noodle soup and bread would be nourishing for him. This is the latest HPOW.

Homemade Cheese Ravioli

Hey guys,

Had some extra marinara sauce in the fridge and thought I could use it up making raviolis. Here is this weeks HPOW.

Well, let me preface this with, my poor husband. He is my little lab rat for learning to cook. While I thought these tasted good, the hubby thought they were similar to dumplings. Next time, I will try to roll the dough out a lot thinner or use a pasta machine. Also, I think I over cooked them as they were slightly rubbery. It was my first time, I can only get better right ;) Until next time  : p.

My Adventures in Sewing

Oh boy, as some of you know, I am just getting into sewing. With my mom, some books and youtube I hope I am learning something. Anywho, when I was 19 my mom and I had planned to start sewing together. Well that didn't happen, however; I did realize after my last sewing project, that I still had the pattern and material and thought, the packaging says "it's so easy" surely I can do this....HAHAHAHAHA! First of all, I think if you don't know much about patterns such as myself, they might as well be in Greek because that is how I felt reading it. Anyway, after some very frustrating times and many phone calls to my mom, I finally finished it!

Things I learned with this project, well first sewing techniques I knew nothing about that was the root of many of my frustrations. 1. Gathering 2. Lining and 3. zippers.  Though, there may be a few of you who think this doesn't look bad, you should see it in person. At certain points I just stopped attempting to understand…


Hey guys,
Not that I proclaim to be an uber healthy cook, I do like to think I try. I hadn't realized until recently that cream o soups like campbell have MSG in them. This is not the end of the world by any means but it made me think, I'll bet that isn't very hard to make. The first one I attempted was cream of chicken soup, the recipe was so easy and fast.

This was so simple, it had a much more rich chicken flavor than canned cream of chicken soup. You can also throw in little bits of chicken but I didn't do that this time.

I had recently come across this recipe on how to make cream of mushroom soup in a microwave in 5 minutes. I got the recipe here. It was indeed very simple, I did discover I'm not overly fond of the smell of raw fresh mushrooms but that is beside the point.

This was really easy, except the mushroom smell. I'll let you know when I use it in a recipe, for now it's in the freezer until I need it. Until next time  ;P.