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Real Food Reboot

Hey All,

I've been M.I.A. in more ways than one. Life is incredibly different and very hard these days. I'm reaching out to resources and reading some books to help but truth be told I'm reeling since the loss of my mom and so are my kids.

I'm showing many signs of being depressed and have started taking fish oil in hopes that it can help. I will be starting another supplement but that is a story for another post someday. I went back in forth in my mind about writing about this but decided that this time of life is a part of my story and if me being open and honest (when I can be) about this awful time of life and maybe someone stumbles on my blog in a similar situation they can know at the very least that they are not alone with their struggles and that is worth it to me.

I may share more in depth about that in another post but at this time I just want to talk about food.
I've read recently that sugar and processed foods can contribute to depression. Prior to my m…


Hey All.

You probably haven't wondered where I am because, a. I'm terrible at blogging and b. I'm guessing you're my Facebook friend and you know my mom died.

My mom is gone. I've lost my mom. My best friend is no longer on this earth where I can talk to her. I'm at a loss. It hurts so deeply most days it consumes my thoughts. I've been honest with others who have told me what I'm experiencing is normal. I feel like I'm in a fog. I feel like I'm just going through the motions and not truly living life. I'm told that this feeling will pass and someday I'll be able to live this life again instead of just existing.

I look forward to that day because though this is necessary and good to grieve it's crazy painful and I fear what being this emotionally "automatic" could do to my sweet children who have been through so much.

I hope to get back to blogging, I was doing so well before my mom and moving. I hope to get back to that so…