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Yes, I may be reviving this dead blog. Well, deadish, I do still post an update about my kiddos every other or couple months. Go me! Ha! Anyway, most of you are aware of what we're going through. While my hubby finds a way to make light of it with his clever caring bridge blogs. I'm not that graceful. My heart is hurting. Especially hard right now and I'm not exactly sure why. I don't think I really need a reason. I believe on some level I will continue to mourn this amazingly challenging time. I've decided that I'm going to be pretty real from now on. I'm living a life that is so hard to sugar coat so I've decided I'm not going to just show the pretty side anymore.

I wept tonight looking at my daughters upcoming months of treatment. While, I try just to take this life one day at a time I looked ahead because Maggies hair is growing back. Her bald head is actually looking more colored instead of pale white and it's because her beautiful h…