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A Little Journey

Hey All,

So I'm going to take you on a little journey okay?

May 8th-Mothers Day, I was feeling really down about still not being pregnant and I'm sad to say was pessimistic about it ever happening. God blessed me even in my grouchy state  through a prophetic word on mothers day, telling me that I was a mom-to be. I tried not to focus on that since that could still be months from now, went on my "merry" way.

May 9th- At work, felt weird, a little nauseous and just "off".

May 11th Aunt flo should be due in two days and no period signs at all. Hmmm...

May 12th Some periods of nausea and dizziness and some decent breast tenderness which I NEVER get before my period.

May 14th-I told myself I wasn't going to test for a week because my period could still be off from being on the pill but I couldn't help it, 6AM and shaking and pacing the hall way and this appeared....
I couldn't do anything except cry and thank God. Finally, we were pregnant!!!