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Never Cleaned One Before

So this is sad, but I've never cleaned an oven before, I'm sure it's not hard but that is going to be my post for the night :) So here it goes, here are before pics, you basically just put the gloves on, very toxic to your hands, hold upright and spray until the whole oven is covered in foam, sounds kind of fun, except in the middle of your spraying you realize you're breathing the stuff in, not so fun, I was coughing the whole time, anywho, now it gets to sit for 6 hours so basically I'll clean it out right before I go to bed, hehe :)

Night # 2

Wow, well here comes some of the funny stuff people. So tonight, I asked the husband if he wanted some "breakfast" before he went to work for the night, he said sure and I asked him about pancakes, he said okay. Earlier last week, he told me that he didn't like bisquick and wanted from scratch pancakes and waffles and so I set out to find a pancake recipe, found one for buttermilk pancakes in my cookbook and made them. I don't know what happened but they were awful, they were thick, chewy, hard and just plain bad, the picture is of them in the trash because I threw them away. Oddly, enough my husband ate them, yuck! I feel bad that he did :( Anyway, I wasn't going to let one bad batch get me down so I went on the internet and found a different recipe. I can't speak for my husband, I'll update if he eats the new ones and let you know what he thought. Anyway, tried a different recipe, this recipe had tons of reviews from people who loved it. I used the la…

First Post-Week of Nights-Night # 1

Hello all, well tonight my husand is working so I finished my cross stitch and now I'm going to go bake to pass the night. Cookies is on the agenda, can't wait for the dough, bye all :)