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Big Day

In the morning we take Maggie into the clinic for counts.

If you follow her caring bridge then you know we just got out of an 8 day hospital stay. We were finally able to leave once her ANC recovered.

When we left the hospital a week ago tomorrow her ANC was 319. Tomorrow it needs to be 750 with platelets of 75 in order to start maintenance.

If she meets counts tomorrow, we start the next and final phase of treatment. It's also the phase of treatment that gives our family some freedom. Especially the kids and I. Daddy still gets to get out of the house and work every day. I'm not trying to have my hopes too high but if she meets counts my little family and I could be going to church as a family for the first time in 9 months.

I can take my kids grocery shopping. I can take them to reading time at the library. I can take them to the splash pad to cool off. I'm anxiously awaiting the days we can get out and live a little. But for now we wait. Good night all.

Garden update

So my garden is growing. I'm beginning to think that my planting zucchini in the bags wasn't a good idea. I don't think the bags are draining very well and the plants are not looking healthy at all. I planted a back up seed the other day ( I know it's late) but I just can't go all summer without zucchini so it's possible my experiment will fail.

I've had BIG problems with birds. They have eaten the tops off of 5 plants now. Three of them I replaced. At least now, my plants are big enough that even if eaten that won't be the end.

Gardening, love and hate relationship. I love the organic produce and satisfaction of growing something myself. I hate the pests. Especially this years birds. Giving me a lot anguish this year. Oh well.

At least my tomatoes are doing well. Can't wait to start eating some homegrown tomatoes. Until next time.

Craft update

Hey All,

Just wanted to update my blog and I have time tonight so I'm writing three updates. I do the best I can.

I have kept with my commitment to do one craft per month. So far, they have all been crochet but at least it's something.

In March, I made my new baby nephew and baby blanket. It was a new pattern and worked up fairly quickly. I'm happy with the result and the my brother and sister love, loved the blanket as well so I'm happy.



Guess what? Eli is still 12 months old for 1 hr and 20 min. I'm going to get this post done before then. :)

Our boy is 1! This year had gone by so fast and so has he. He's been flying through milestones since 4 months old. He sat up at 4 months, army crawled at 5 months, crawled at 7 months pulled himself up at 8 months, walked at 10 months and is now running and climbing at 12 months. Slow down my sweet boy. I think his answer would be fat chance momma! Ha! He's extremely active. He keeps me on my toes, I thought Maggie kept me on my toes but he really really does. His ability to get places so quickly and to fall and hurt himself amaze me.

He's all boy. He loves to rough house. He loves outside. He loves water both the kiddie pool outside and bath time. He loves trucks and cars. He recently discovered ants and thinks they are pretty cool to watch. He likes to "help" me garden by tasting the soil and the leaves from my plants.

He's the polar opposi…


Yes, it's 12:06 am and I should be sleeping because I have to up in 5 hours to go right back to the hospital so Tim can get back to the East Valley and be to work on time, however; I need to decompress and tonight you all are my outlet.

We have been through so much. You all know about Maggie what you may not know is my mom is battling stage 4 breast cancer. Lord willing and we're believing for complete healing for my mom but it's still incredibly difficult when one of the people you lean on and go to and find so strong is in such a fragile state. I was just talking with my dad today and we both agree that nothing about life seems easy right now. Not that life should be easy but it is beginning to feel like the hits keep coming.

Tonight Maggie received her final IV chemo for this phase of treatment. The next phase is called maintenance and frankly it's what we've been looking forward to since we learned of Maggie's illness 9 long months ago. In maintenance we ca…