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Meal Planning Frustrations

Hey Guys,

So, I don't know about the rest of you, but this is my nearly constant frustration. One word describes my pantry and fridge at the end of the month...empty.  Of all the months Tim and I have been married I can probably only count a handful of times that I have stayed in budget, I finally the past three months have made it in budget, yay! However, I make it but my fridge and pantry look like the above pictures. Very sad I'd say.

I'm not losing heart, I will defeat this frustration. I'm working on some ways to do that right now. So my goals for meal planning are:

1. Always have fruits and veggies stocked
2. Always have some sort of snack-ish food, preferably healthy homemade ones
3. In light of being postpartum, I still continue to have worlds biggest sweet tooth, so instead of completely restricting, which for me causes me to really rebel, I'm going to plan one sweet thing per week. It will be an exercise in self control because if I eat it all quickly th…

Broccoli Cheese Quiche

So when I was meal planning last week, I saw that I had a lot of eggs and thought, why not try a quiche.

I forgot to take an after picture, because by the time it was done I was so flustered that dinner was so late. So, I won't say for sure but I don't think I'm a fan of quiche. The recipe said 35 minutes, well it took about 55. That being said I thought it would have really good flavor and it was mostly bland and not very tasty, this will likely be the only time I make this dish. Oh well, at least I can say I tried it. Well, baby girl just woke up, until next time ;).

Homemade Chocolate Syrup

This weeks pinterest, homemade chocolate syrup. So I know that chocolate syrup overall isn't good for you but I like to think since this is homemade without the high fructose corn syrup and other preservatives it's possibly a little less damaging. Hey, I can dream right! HA! Anywho, it's really easy and took a few minutes so I whipped it up the other night.

This recipe was super easy. The final product is a little grainy but it doesn't bother me. So far, I've only used it in chocolate milk and a chocolate shake but it is quite tasty and best of all it's free :) Oh, and lacks high fructose corn syrup, hehe. That's all for now  :)

p.s. Got the recipe from here this lady does so many cool homemade things.

Weekly Pinterest

I pin multiple things per day, I always think awesome idea, who knows if I'll ever try it. Well, I pinned this just the other day and found that I had all the ingredients at home so decided to give it a whirl.  This weeks, is homemade jamba juice. My favorite thing at jamba juice is razmataz, but I cannot afford the 4 bucks it costs and with this heat I've wanted it a lot lately. Well, now I know I can make it at home, woot woot! Thank you to for the recipes.

It was simple just put two scoops of frozen strawberries, frozen bananas, 12 oz raspberry juice( I only had raspberry-apple), two scoops orange sherbet and ice in a blender, tah dah, homemade razmataz, yummy! It literally tastes identical. The only thing is at jamba juice its a darker pink color my juice is because I used apple raspberry that it is lighter but it still tastes the same! What a cool yummy treat on a hot summer day.

Oh I just can…

Maggie's 4 Months ( a little late)

Wowwy, our Maggie is 4 months! And boy is she a chunker, at her 4 mo appt she weighed 16 lbs 14oz, no wonder my arms hurt, I'm carrying around a 17 lb kiddo all day long ;). Maggie is finally beginning to be okay on her tummy for the few minutes until she rolls herself over. Yup, she is doing that more and more these days. Smiling is a daily occurrence and I have to work for it, but I get her to laugh daily as well. Her laugh and her smile light up my mommy's heart, it's awesome!  She has such good head control. She is still drooling like crazy more so than last month and she is also gnawing on anything and everything she can get her hands on. We'll see if some teeth are on their way in the weeks to come. Maggie sleeps wonderfully in the basinette, trouble is she has out grown it and kicks so hard she pushes her body up to the top and hits her head on the wood.'s time to get her to to sleep in the crib. What an undertaking. Last night was the first night I …