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Everything's Fine!

Hey All, so my previous post was talking about nursing and the one before that was talking about being scared to be pregnant again although very grateful! Well, we just had our midwife appointment. Everything is fine. Baby is measuring 9 weeks and heartbeat is beating away. Thank you Jesus! Will update more later but that is all I have for now!


Hey there bloggers,

If you read my previous post you know we're pregnant! Yay! Most of you know that once Maggie's first birthday had come and gone and I still didn't have a period I began trying to partially wean her in order to get pregnant again. The only reason I partially weaned her was to get pregnant no other reason.

Well, here we are pregnant and as far as I know everything is going well. I am continuing to nurse her twice daily. However; a wrench has been thrown into this mix. Three weeks ago our girl was sick and I let her nurse whenever she wanted for comfort and now she wants to nurse all the time. When I say no our girl throws tantrums. I know tantrums are coming and I'm not looking forward to them. I feel terrible in that she is having tantrums because of not being able to nurse. It goes against my instincts big time. All the research I've done says it is safe to nurse during pregnancy. Truly we have our first midwife appointment in two days and if ev…

Holding My Breath

Hey All,

So this will be a fairly serious-ish post. Besides, the only way you'll end up seeing this is if everything is okay. Tired of my vagueness? Well, here is the truth. I'm pregnant! I'm excited and looking forward to prayerfully meeting this little one in March. While I adore being pregnant and have wanted to be pregnant for months and months as soon as I know I'm pregnant the fear of the unknown takes or tries to take over my thoughts and feelings.

As you all know, I'm a used to be labor nurse and while that has some advantages for someone like me it is more a disadvantage. Knowledge is a burden for me. While most of you newly pregnant momma's are probably basking in your newly exciting news, I'm sitting and wondering if everything is okay. I react like a momma who has miscarried though Praise God I haven't ever had one and pray I don't. This is titled holding my breath because I feel like from 4 weeks pregnant to 8 weeks when I finally see m…