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1 More Month

I was watching our baby girl in the bath last night, splashing and scooting around and realized, she's 11 months tomorrow! EEk! I know I say this every month but truly this year has gone by so fast! One more month and I'll have a one year old. I'm starting to think after 11 months I'm never going to get used to her growing up.

Boy has 10 months been more adventurous then 9. She is so mobile. She still doesn't straight up crawl but that doesn't matter, she crab crawls all over the place, pulls herself up on everything and just when I think she can't do that,she shows me she can. She is able to walk assisted quite steady now. She'll even take up to 4 steps toward somebody when she feels like it. However; at this stage she knows it's faster to crab crawl so that is what she does most of the time.

She is such a good natured baby, we are so blessed. This past month, Tim had two weeks of vacation off, in that two week time frame we volunteered at the sal…

Books I Want to Read

Hey All,

So we have reached the point with Maggie, where hubby and I think we should read some books about discipline and come to conclusions about how we want to raise our kids, specifically.  That being said, anyone who has spent time with me about parenting knows I prefer the gentle way with babies and the grace-based way with older ones. Therefore, the books I want to read are as follows:

1. Spirit-led Parenting
2. Grace-Based Parenting
3. Give Them Grace
4. Loving Our Kids on Purpose
5. Loving the Little Years
6. Shepherding a Child's Heart

Those are all the ones I can think of right now. I'll add to this list as I find more. I'm sharing this info with you because I hope to read them then review them. Stay Tuned!