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Running Week 6

Alrighty Guys, well running this week went well. I love when you get on the treadmill and just run and when you look at the time you've already gone your whole distance plus half a mile more  :) Okay, but really, my focus with my short runs during the week to increase my speed. My long run for the week, I'm slowly learning to pace myself. This week's long run was 6 miles. oi vey! I was scared about this one let me tell you. I had nothing to be afraid of. All this training really is doing something useful. 3 miles in and 3 miles back doesn't seem so bad. I even feel like I'm getting the hang of pacing myself. I am however, decently sore, my legs are wondering what I just did to them. :) Also, thank you Lord, I haven't struggled with a side stitch in 3 weeks! Next week is week 6, almost half way, can you believe it? Hope everyone had a blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving, until next time ; p.

Perfectionism Must Die...Starting with this Apron :)

Well, this entry is two fold. Something you need to know about me before you read it, if you don't already know, is that I am a perfectionist. I'm not your typical perfectionist though. I'm only a perfectionist with myself. My performance in life that is.

Within the last couple years, I've gotten a small grasp on God's love and grace for me and my life. Well anyway, even though my head has knowledge of God's grace, my heart only remembers occasionally. Well, I feel like God spoke to me through this apron you are about to see. On a practical note, an apron is considered an easy sewing project and since I'm trying to learn basic sewing, I went out and bought material and a pattern this week. Funny however, I opened up the pattern and my head began to spin. So I called my mom for some instruction, unfortunately, without being able to see it she couldn't help me. I thought, well gosh, I won't get to see my mom for help for another week. So, I decided to…

Running Week 4

Hey guys,

So only difference to my running this week was my mileage was increased. 3.5 miles Tuesday and Thursday and 5 miles for my long run. I am truly amazed at how I feel during the 5 miler. I kept thinking I'd have to walk some portion but nope! So far I'm really impressed with my training. This was the second time I have ran 5 miles and at the end I'm feeling great, like I could do more, which I figure is a good thing since the half is 13.1 miles. Only downfall about the 5 miler is I felt like I was running faster and I wasn't. Did 5 miles in 58 minutes which was like an 11:32 mile. Bummer. Oh well, I'll keep striving to get faster with my short runs and pray it pays off with my long run, until next time.  : p.

Unhealthy Treat...Homemade Cinnamon Rolls :)

So, the hubby and I got back from running with our church group yesterday and I was absolutely craving cinnamon rolls, therefore, drum roll if you please...that is my hpow this week, homemade cinnamon rolls.

They were so much easier than I thought. Two thoughts on them though, they tasted good, however; next time I would cook them less and I would try to cook them in a round cake pan. I only had a pie pan, just to see if it would be different. Pictures...

Running Week 3

Hey All,

Running was interesting this past week. Plan was as follows:
Monday stretch and strengthen, Tuesday 3.5 miles, Wednesday 2 miles, Thursday 3.5 miles, Friday rest, Saturday 40 minutes cross training and Sunday long 5 mile run.  Well, this past week I was in vacation with my wonderful in laws and my schedule didn't exactly go like this. Did stretch and strengthen Tuesday, counted walking around San Diego zoo all day as 40 minutes cross, ran 4 miles one day and 2 the other. We came home Friday so I ended up using that as a rest day. Ran 3.5 Saturday. Then, drum roll if you please....I ran 5 miles tonight! I know it's no big deal when I'm training to run 13 but still. I secretly believe that if I can run the half it will be a miracle, however; that miracle is getting closer and closer to reality. I even felt good enough at the end to keep going but decided not to push myself, it would be a huge bummer to get injured this stage in the game. Okay well, that's all fo…