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Nursery Ideas :)

Hey Everyone,

So, I know we're only 19 weeks but I have been exploring ideas for a nursery, what first time mom wouldn't ;). Anyway, as you all know, we are choosing to let this little one tell us if he/she is a boy or girl when baby welcomes us in about 4 months :) That being said, I'm a little too picky to do a neutral room. I think neutral in general looks boyish and if we have a girl I want it to be girly enough. I know I'm high maintenance :/.

On the flip side, I'm very excited about what I have found, thus far and this could change, I'm liking jungle for either or. For the boy set, I've found wonderful coordinating fabrics at Walmart no less, so that set I can pretty much make on my own and I will journal that journey for you all to see. For a girl, I have found a set for a really low price that I will purchase and possibly keep for the next baby or return it if we have a boy  :)