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28 weeks!!!

Hi Everybody,

Woo hoo, we're 28 weeks, chugging along. The most noticeable thing is I'm beginning to get slower and beginning to feel down there pressure, so prayerfully baby is head down  :)  I was able to participate in and ultrasound class today, my belly was used to teach other nurses how to assess position, placenta placement, fetal heart tones and AFI (or how much fluid baby has around him/her). The ultrasound tech who was teaching the nurses finally got a good picture of our little one. Enjoy!

Baby Quilts, In Progress...

Hey all, so I'm in the process of embroidering all the animals onto quilt squares and it is quite the undertaking. I have been trying to work on the baby boy quilt. Here is a pic to hold you over until I finish the precious moments animals.

Will update on both baby quilts, I hope soon! Until next time ;p

Best Laid Plans

So as most of you know, I've changed my mind, as a typical woman, and decided to make both a baby girl and baby boy quilt, originally, I planned on making the baby boy and buying the baby girl but I found this precious moments jungle fabric and fell in love.

So then I was on a mission to make this quilt.I found this quilt design. And could envision this in little girl colors with the precious moments fabric from above. My next mission was to find embroidery animals of precious moments. I spent hours and hours and hours searching online to no avail. Then so blessed, I found a precious moments color book with all these animals in it and figured I could trace the animal patterns to fabric and embroider them myself. I ordered the color book from ASAP, only problem was, it said could take three weeks to get to me. I waited, impatiently for the next three weeks and the color book never came. I emailed the seller and he told me it must have gotten lost in the mail. UGH! So then…

Reversible Fabric Bins

Okay, so as promised though back blogged, ( I have this terrible habit of planning a great blog then never actually writing it), I have been working hard on the reversible fabric bins for the nursery. Here is the story in pictures! 

So as cute as this looks, it does not hold up worth a darn, I will be going to the store to find a more sturdy interfacing, will keep you updated!

Homemade Boppy Pillow

Okay, so for those of you who have looked at my registry, I did register for a boppy pillow but I also wanted to make one myself. I used material from an old cotton sheet we don't use anymore and can't help but wonder if store bought is better than homemade when it comes to this. Anywho, I figure if my pillow is just as good as store bought the registry one can always be returned and if my homemade one fails then I have a genuine boppy as well. Here goes nothing....

Air My Grievance

Hey All,

I know I'm way behind on updating my blog, there are many backdates coming soon. I just need to post them, I've been busy. Anywho, I have to express my frustration about work and no worries, I won't be passing judgment, I'll be talking about my own kind.

First off, when did we as labor nurses become so closed to a woman wanting to birth naturally? By naturally, I mean without medication. I know it's not for everybody and if you want an epidural I completely support you and will do what I can to get you relief. So why in the world is it so criticized if you want to go natural. I don't talk about my birth "plans" at work for specific reasons but if ever I do, instead of being encouraged to go with what I want and what I'm comfortable with, all that is heard is criticism, why? I just don't understand. It's frustrating. Your desire to birth your baby how you want is your personal decision and I think of course in a perfect world that …