Air My Grievance

Hey All,

I know I'm way behind on updating my blog, there are many backdates coming soon. I just need to post them, I've been busy. Anywho, I have to express my frustration about work and no worries, I won't be passing judgment, I'll be talking about my own kind.

First off, when did we as labor nurses become so closed to a woman wanting to birth naturally? By naturally, I mean without medication. I know it's not for everybody and if you want an epidural I completely support you and will do what I can to get you relief. So why in the world is it so criticized if you want to go natural. I don't talk about my birth "plans" at work for specific reasons but if ever I do, instead of being encouraged to go with what I want and what I'm comfortable with, all that is heard is criticism, why? I just don't understand. It's frustrating. Your desire to birth your baby how you want is your personal decision and I think of course in a perfect world that if what you want is to educate and prepare yourself for the marathon that is childbirth than I think it should be supported, not put down. Well, I want to go on record to say, as a labor and delivery nurse, I will not criticize you should you decide to have your baby without medicine, I will use whatever options I have to give you to help you. Also, where birth plan is considered labor taboo, I will also support yours. I would want to be treated that way and that is the kind of nurse I try to be at work. Okay, sorry, had to vent, it get's frustrating. That's all for now. Stay tuned  :)


Louisa said…
You are an amazing L&D nurse, Anna! I'll bet most nurses are against natural childbirth because it's out of their own comfort zone to care for those patients. I pray the Lord gives you wisdom these last few months of work... to know when to speak up and be an advocate for natural child birth... and when to just stay quiet. Childbirth (like may parenting decisions) can be an emotionally charged topic... as it very personal and can bring up many feelings of guilt and/or pride.

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