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32 weeks!

Praise God, we're 32 weeks, grow baby grow. I'm starting to get HUGE. HAHA! I knew it would happen eventually. Biggest concern/prayer request was baby is in a transverse position. Ramona (midwife) says baby has plenty of time to turn but I'm beginning to get scared and as you all know, I am prone to fear so I just need prayer for peace and that baby will turn head down and soon, just for mamas sanity! We're down to every two week appointments now, we're getting closer and it's getting exciting!


For the first year ever, we hosted thanksgiving for my side of the family at our house this year. I didn't take any pictures, oops. But we all had a great time and turkey tasted good. The turkey was my part and I was so scared it wouldn't taste good and I would ruin thanksgiving but no such thing happened. It tasted great and we had some awesome fellowship with family. Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!

Homemade Granola

Hey all, Been so much sewing talk lately, by the way, I'm still working on those embroider animals, they are tedious but turning out well so far!

This week I tried, homemade granola.