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Ways I'm trying to make my life easier

So, I've been trying to make my food prep a little easier, that being said, I've decided every month I will make some things in bulk to help reduce my food prep. At the beginning of the month, I buy a whole fryer chicken and cook it in the crock pot overnight then have three bags of precooked shredded chicken. I'm also making my own refried beans in the crockpot monthly. Also, this month I used my homemade whole week tortillas and made frozen breakfast burritos. I hope to keep this going and get some sort of system. That's it for now, until next time ;p.

21 Weeks and Our Growth Scan

So, we had our anatomy scan today and everything looks great!! As most of you know, we've decided to wait and see what gender baby is until January. We informed the ultrasound tech of this immediately and she was very respectful and told us to look away when she was "down there" and we didn't see anything. Baby looks good. Growing perfectly. Weighs approximately 15 oz's. At 19 wks and 2 days I felt the baby full on punch me and so far those punches are becoming more and more frequent, it's so amazingly astounding to feel baby moving in there.  Here is the 20 week picture and that baby at 21 weeks. Enjoy!

Homemade Whole Wheat Tortillas

I love homemade tortillas, one problem though, I can't ever seem to get them into circular shape and it frustrates me! Oh well, I plug on, determined to get it right, will this be the time??

Weeks 14-19 In Pics

Here comes my back blogging, ha, I've had pics a ideas and honestly just have been too lazy or have forgotten to post, I really need to get better at that. Any how, we're 19 weeks and my nausea has eased slightly. I still have to eat every couple hrs to keep it at bay, I figure this will just be my norm pregnant which is fine with me. I'd do anything for this little one. I felt the flutters of baby moving for the first time at 16 wks 4 days. At just a week later, Tim felt the baby's movement as well. So much fun!! My next OB appointment is in one week and then we'll have our growth scan, can't wait to see our baby. Last time I saw him/her they were the size of a kidney bean  :) Okay, well that's it for now. Here are some pics  :)

Homemade Refried Beans

So, I've always wanted to make my own refried beans but have honestly been scared to try...putting my fear aside and giving it a go, here goes...