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Best Laid Plans

Alrighty, so for those of you who follow and like to read my HPOW's, you have probably recognized a complete lack of them in January. January has been a busy month with varying schedules and other occupying activities. I know, I know, that is not an excuse but hey, I need some grace. Also, I'm going to list my HPOW for the month and that way I can have a reminder and a plan as to what I want to do, sound good? Here are the four projects you can expect this next month, meaning February...

1. Homemade wheat thins
2. Homemade cheese tortellini
3. Homemade "condense" cream of mushroom soup
4. Homemade vegetable broth

Those are my plans for February. Keep an eye on my blog because I am going to do those things this month, darn it! Ha, until next time  ;)

The Long Awaited PF Chang Story

Well as you all know, I ran PF Changs 1/2 Marathon this past Sunday...this is my story. Ha!  Okay, so PF Changs has 26,000 people running it, therefore it requires the runners to get there somewhat early. We woke up at 4:45am on Sunday. Left by 5:30 and got down to the buses that shuttle you to the start line at 6:15ish. So basically, the race doesn't start until 8:20 and we got to there at 7ish. So we mostly just sat around and hydrated and ate snacks until it was time for the race.

Finally, the time came we got into our corrals and waited to hear the horn to go. Oddly enough, you'd think with all training I did, I'd be roaring to go, ha, not so today. I started running and around mile 2 I thought, ugh, I don't wanna do this right now. LOL. Around mile 3 I started to get discouraged because I was positive I was going super slow. Anyway, I just kept trucking and fighting the mental part of my running and around mile 6 I started to make some strides and it started feel…

Last Long Run

So week 11 is complete, I've been working this whole time to get to week 12 and this coming Sunday is finally PF Changs 1/2 marathon. Running this week went okay. The hubby was on nights and if I forgot to get my clothes out of the room before he went to bed then I had to wait until he woke up so it kinda threw me off but it's all good. My long run was Saturday and I ran 10 miles in 1hr 56 min and 10 sec. It made it an 11:37 mile. I know I'm so slow. After the run, I found myself concerned that I'm not going to like my time next weekend. The hubby believes if we adequately carb load and hydrate before the race it will make all the difference. I really really wanna meet my goal but at this point, I"m not sure I'm going to make it. Oh well, when it's all said and done, the ultimate goal is to finish right? Which that is one thing I'm pretty sure I can do. If you remember, can you please pray for me this weekend. I really wanna do well and I'm finding…


Hi Peeps,
So, does anyone remember that list of things I wanted to do before we had kids? If not, here is a refresher, these were the top 7 things I wanted to do/learn.
1. Run 5K in October
2. Run 1/2 Marathon in January
3. Plant something in October-pray it grows  :)
4. Scrapbook the rest of our courting days
5. Make something from scratch once per week
6. Learn basic sewing
7. Begin Yoga

Well, I have been able to scratch out three of them. I scratched out the planting something because after much research, our little apartment doesn't have any windows or a patio that gets enough sun per day to grow anything so that will just have to wait until we move this June. As you know, we run the half on January 16th, eek only 11 days! I'm still learning basic sewing but I have done a couple projects and have many planned for the next 6 months so stay tuned. As for the progress on my scrapbooking, the pictures tell the story  :) Enjoy!

Stay tuned for many many more projects, I'm …

Week 10

2 weeks, woot woot! Well, running for the tenth week is up. My routine is the same 5 miles Tues and Thurs with 3 miles and 60 minutes of cross training on Wed and Sun with my long run on Sat. My long run this week was 9 miles. It went okay, I felt super sore during my run. I'm pretty sure it's because it was 41 degrees and I hadn't carb loaded very good. Anyway, I finished it in 1:43:30 which is an 11:30 mile. Hopefully, I'll get even better these next two weeks. If I'm truthful, I have been neglecting the 60 minutes cross training, simply because I can't find a crosstraining activity that I enjoy. I know poor excuse, I'm trying to hold on but to tell you the truth, getting up in the early morning to run when it's 35 degrees is not my idea of fun. I do however have 2 weeks until PF Changs and I am determined to finish and finish strong. Stay tuned, until next time. ; p.