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So I have been awful about updating about the kids. The last time I did was 3 months ago, oops. Life happens always but when your kid is in the hospital every couple weeks it takes it outta you and I'll be honest keeping up with this blog was last on my list.

Without further ado...Maggie is 3! Wow! From her appearance she looks much like a little girl and less like a toddler. Not sure if that is cancer/chemo related or just the transition from 2-3. My sweet baby has gone through more in the last 6 months than I ever would have believed or wanted. She continues to chug along. She's gotten taller, her little hands together on her tippy toes can reach very far onto my counters. She is very capable and always has been but now she knows just how capable she can be.

Her hair has begun to grow back and it's still red and her personality matches that fiery red hair. She's got sass already. Lord help me. She's avidly learning no and I don't want to. Power struggles hav…

Garden plan continued...

Finished my garden plan diagram! Sorry, I'm a little excited about my summer garden. After last year, I'm going to grow my zucchini in garden bags to free up some space in my beds. I learned valuable lessons about sun direction and shading last year and so my tomatoes will be on the other side of my big bed. Hope it helps. Will also try to grow all my corn in my 4x4 bed. Started my seeds, waiting for them to sprout. That's enough for now.

Summer Garden 2015

Diagram coming soon, but I planted my the beginning of my summer garden yesterday. Can't wait for fresh grown tomatoes and peppers. Will post a picture and my diagram when they are finished. Working on a couple craft projects. Will post them when they are done. Also, it's day 12 and the kids are still doing well. Prayer is still very much appreciated. Goodnight.