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Can I brutally honest about something? I'm failing miserably. I pin and read multiple articles about real food and organic food and I'm doing great at dinner time but I failing miserably at lunch and snacks. I do okay for the kids but for myself I just grab whatever is easiest. Also, I know his heart is right but hubby keeps bringing the above home to me and I just can't resist. I love peanut butter cups. I know I know, there is awful stuff in them and I shouldn't be eating them. I accept this. I'm embarrassed. I want to be doing better for myself. Especially because I'm likely about to find out this is month number 6 of not getting pregnant. I'm beginning to feel scared that all my little terrible snacks and not so healthy lunches may be contributing to my not getting pregnant. 
I'm kind of reeling right now. We conceived in May and baby didn't make it so I actually know for once what it is like to lose a child. My heart is so broken for mommies w…