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Mom Rut

Hi All,

So this won't be the most fun topic to talk about. But I've decided to blog about it. Mostly because I know not too many people read this and those of you that do I'm fairly close to you and would or probably have told you about it in person.

I'm in a rut. I call it a mom rut. I'm told its quite common. I haven't let myself go by gaining a lot of weight but I definitely have with how I look. I've been dealing with quite a lot of negative thoughts about myself and I've found that I just don't feel attractive. Most days I just feel like a dead mommy. Some days I try to dress nicely and I still feel quite frumpy. Don't get me wrong I adore being a mommy. I can't imagine my life without our girl. I do think it's time for me to stop completely ignoring my needs in this way. That being said, I've decided that for the next few months I'm going to set aside money every month that I am going to make myself spend it on me. (I find …

15 Months

Well, the months just keep chugging by. Our baby is 15 months and looking and acting less and less like an actual baby. She's so much fun right now. This stage is a blast! She is really into mimicking us now. We say something and she copies us to the best of her ability. She tries to run and sadly at this point she ends up biffing it.

She is so smart and I can see her becoming intentional in what toys she plays with and how she plays with them. Just last week she has learned what animal a lion is when you ask her what noise it makes she says rarr! It's so cute! She is also fairly obsessed with belly buttons. She randomly walks up to just about everybody and says bee bttn. She knows where her eyes are and her ears and we're working on her nose and mouth.

She loves water and I'm looking forward( sort of) to hotter temperatures so we can play in her pool everyday. She loves to be outside. Her favorite thing to do outside is to eat rocks and dirt. I don't exactly like…