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Maggie 10 Months


Look! Can you believe it! Maggie is only 10 months and 1 day and I'm writing her update, it's a miracle! HA! Anyway, baby girl is growing, growing and growing.

She's quite quick with her crab crawling. She's getting into everything and I find myself saying "no Maggie" way too much during the day. Here I thought our house was fairly baby proofed, it is when it comes to the outlets but I'd be lying if I said I wish we had an entertainment center that had doors and a way to lock up the DVDs. I do my best to hide cords but boy can she find any and all ones that  I miss.

Eating solids is still two steps forward one step back. One day she likes something the next she doesn't. The latest success was peaches tonight. She ate them, yay! We'll see if she still likes them in the morning. I don't know what else to feed her for breakfast except cheerios and fruit. Have you other mommas have other suggestions? She won't eat oatmeal or anything pure…

Our Girl 9 3/4 Months

Okay All,

So it's been a very busy month. Obviously, since our girl is nearing 10 months and I'm barely writing this. I do know however; if you read my blog you know I'm terrible at keeping up with it. So for those of you who stick with me thanks.

Anyway, onto our baby. So 9 months has been a month of many changes and milestones. First she's a mover now. In the past month she has learned to go from her belly to sitting, from sitting to pulling herself up and she's even taken a few steps before falling down. She is also recently doing a sort of half crab walk half crawl. Needless to say she is fast and can now get into anything and everything her heart desires. Slow down there baby girl!  :)  In the last three days she welcomed tooth number 3. She took her first airplane ride and was a total champ!

She's beginning some separation anxiety as when I put her down and walk away she cries. She has starting reaching for people she wants, mainly mommy but occasionally …