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13 Months

And...another month has flown by. Baby girl is 13 months and well on her way to toddler status. She is up to new and exciting things every day. Lets see just in the past week she has begun standing without pulling herself up first. She is much more stable with walking and she also is much more steady in shoes than she was just a few weeks ago.

She has learned if she gets on her tippiest of toes she can reach about three inches into a desk and pull whatever she finds down. Which is funny but Mommy is learning how dangerous that can be depending on what is up there. She can now climb. When on the couch she tries to climb up and over onto the floor, Lord help us when she can climb up on the couch by herself. She's a curious little love. She recently discovered the toilet paper and how when she pulls on it, it unravels, ha! She now points to things.

We are trying to teach her bye bye and have started with doing high fives. Which she loves to do. She is now walking probably 75% of the…

1 Year

One year old! My baby is technically a baby anymore! I know, I know, I'm late, she's 12.5 months old. I do my best but blogging goes by the wayside and I always promise to be better and I'm not so for those of you who still read thanks. Otherwise, I just enjoy writing and if nobody ever reads this it can be a journal entry in Maggie's baby book :)
Okay, without further ado, 1. Eesh, this first year went by oh so fast. On her actual birthday we didn't do anything out of the ordinary. We sang to her and then went about our day. Three days later on a Saturday, we had a houseful of all our family. Maggie kept with her good nature, she seemed a little overwhelmed but not too much. She still occasionally smiled. She was very blessed to get a lot of cool gifts and she did eventually dig into her cake. It was a good day had by all.
At her 1 year appointment, she weighed 24.6 pounds so she doesn't beat our cousin Sam in the biggest Jacks' baby. Pheww. She gets haras…