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Weekly Pinterest

So, I was on pinterest the other day and found a brownie in a cup. I had never thought of this idea but it was late at night and my sweet tooth was a callin, so I gave it a shot.

So quite frankly, I'm not  too picky and it was super easy, it took like 3 min to make and it wasn't a whole pan, because knowing me I would eat the whole thing. Yes, I have that little self control around sweets  : /. Overall, I was happy with it and will probably do it again.

Six Months...Half a Year!

Normally I just update on how our baby girl is doing but this month I decided to write her a letter.

Precious Baby Girl,

You are 6 months today. How can this be? If feels like just yesterday I was talking to you and feeling your kicks from the inside. God truly blessed us w hen he brought you into our lives! You bring us so much joy and happiness. I love you more and more each day. We tried to feed you carrots today. You weren't impressed. In fact, you hated it.

You are growing up so fast. Last week you began sitting all by yourself. During tummy time you do what you can to try and scoot. You haven't actually moved yet but you sure try. You crack us up on daily basis with your loud screaming. You are babbling more and more. You loved to be whistled to. You just started blowing raspberries. It's so cute. You have had quite a few rough nights this month with teething. We can feel the tooth but have yet to see it. Hopefully soon. :)

You have the sweetest disposition and we a…

Free Olive Oil Sprayer

Hey Guys,

No, I have not been hacked, this is me and this is real. If you go to this page and like them on facebook they will send you a free olive oil sprayer, it's easy to make and saves money to make your own  :) That's all, until next time!

5 Months

So, yes I know I'm always behind on this blog but this time I have a legitimate reason. We did a back up on our PC so I was only able to get on a small laptop devoid of pictures and all my favorites. Therefore, I wasn't able to post, ugh. Oh well, onto the main topic, our baby girl, can't believe it's been 5 months. 

It just doesn't seem possible. I always heard the saying as a mom, "the days are long but the years go by quickly." Thus far that isn't true for me. My days and months seem so short. I wish I could slow down time. Two more weeks from today and my baby is half a year. It happens so incredibly fast. I am trying to drink in every moment with her.

So, about 4 days before she turned 5 months daddy felt a tooth bud and as of now we're still waiting on it. Poor baby has been touchy and relatively fussy so hopefully it will cut soon. She has started to reach for items. Life is all about gnawing. Everything that touches her hands goes in her m…