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At this time last year, I was writhing through every contraction, anticipating the birth of our baby. This year, I'm beyond blessed by our baby girl Maggie.

Motherhood is a crazy thing. Being a wife and a mother is all I've ever wanted to be. Getting my nursing degree was just a side job until God brought the right man. Funny, every moment in my life I've thought that I was humble and then I have the experience happen to me, ie. motherhood or marriage and find out just how prideful I am.

For instance, I remember when I was single wondering how come somebody wouldn't just let the baby cry until they went to sleep. No big deal right? WRONG. Now that I'm a mother that was by far the hardest party of mothering thus far this year. I also tried not to have expectations about motherhood which until about 7 months I think I did okay, then we introduced solids and unlike the movies our baby didn't just eat the food and swallow. In fact she projectile vomited every food…