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Hubby's Conference in Mount Hermon

Hey all, not many HPOW's this month, we are busy little travelers. I was privileged to go to my hubby's conference through CMDA. It's a conference put on annually for Doctors and their spouses. They had workshop for all the docs but they had some for wives as well. It was a great weekend with an added surprise we wouldn't know for a few weeks ;)

My First Down and Out

Hey Everybody,
As is public knowledge, we're hoping to get pregnant soon and as such, I wanted to do a down and out of the Grand Canyon. Since that task seems pretty impossible pregnant, we decided to do it now. This will be a picture journey  :)

More Sewing Adventures

The above picture is my most recent sewing project. I'm not sure the type of dress it is but it looked like a fairly simple pattern so I chose it. The dress is cute, not sure I would wear it out because it fans out and makes me look kinda round, prayerfully there will be a baby belly soon and then I could wear the dress  :) Gosh, so, I have to learn to get better at zippers, I didn't take a picture of it but I sewed the zipper to two parts of the dress and had to take the whole thing out and do it all over again. Eesh.  Oh well, it's a learning process right? Anywho, I love this fabric, I'll at the very least wear this dress around the house. Until next time : p.