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Yes, I may be reviving this dead blog. Well, deadish, I do still post an update about my kiddos every other or couple months. Go me! Ha! Anyway, most of you are aware of what we're going through. While my hubby finds a way to make light of it with his clever caring bridge blogs. I'm not that graceful. My heart is hurting. Especially hard right now and I'm not exactly sure why. I don't think I really need a reason. I believe on some level I will continue to mourn this amazingly challenging time. I've decided that I'm going to be pretty real from now on. I'm living a life that is so hard to sugar coat so I've decided I'm not going to just show the pretty side anymore.

I wept tonight looking at my daughters upcoming months of treatment. While, I try just to take this life one day at a time I looked ahead because Maggies hair is growing back. Her bald head is actually looking more colored instead of pale white and it's because her beautiful h…

Eli 7 Months, Mag's 33 Months

Okay, wait for it. It's Eli's monthly update on his actual right day. He's 7 months today! When thinking about what I would say about him I've come with a few things. First thing I can think of is water. He loves it! He loves baths, he loves to splash and even when he can't be in water, because it's sisters turn he's standing up holding on to the tub, laughing and squealing!

He's got army crawling down now, his new thing this week is pushing himself up on all fours. He will be crawling soon, I have no doubt. He's very determined to be a part of everything and is trying to pull himself up already. Crazy kid! He follows his sister around all day simply because he loves her toys and wants to be included.

 We are still waiting for his teeth to come in and because of this he's having some rough nights and fussy days but I know it's just a small part of this first year and am choosing to enjoy every moment with him. I started introducing solid fo…

Maggie 32 Months, Eli 6 Months

Well, here we go again, I'm late, letting you all know how the kids are doing. I could be upset with myself but instead I will be glad that even though it's late it is getting done.

Eli is 6 months. He weighs 18 lbs and 4 oz. He's my little tornado as I call him. He never stops moving. If he's awake he's waving his arms and legs. He's extremely happy on the floor now that he army crawls. He can reach anything on the floor now and he's quite happy about it. I shudder at the moment he realizes he's capable of walking because he'll be off and gone I'm sure.

His favorite activities are army crawling around the floor and sitting and playing with toys. I'm truly amazed at how much of a preference he has at his young age. He knows which block is his favorite and if he can't reach it he gets upset. He's beginning to understand and be upset when mommy takes away one of sisters toys that are too mature for him. Though, I'm unable to truly…

Our girl, 31 months, Our Boy 5 Months

31 Months and 5 Months
Okay, I have a ton to say and a lot of ground to make up from not updating about our kiddos in 2 months. As most of you know, our 2 year old has started a very long journey with being diagnosed with leukemia. It’s been an extremely difficult two weeks. Right now we’re in the first stage of treatment which is known as induction. It’s 29 days of her first rounds of chemo. The last two weeks, 5 days of which were in the hospital, have been very difficult on our girl. From her first needle pokes and medications to having her first general anesthesia and being tethered to an IV pole. Her favorite part about being in the hospital was watching Cars and Finding Nemo 2-3 times per day.
Our first few days home and even the first week being home Maggie was her normal self. Feisty, strong willed and temperamental, as a momma, I can’t believe I’m saying I’d rather have a toddler yelling at me but she’s so lethargic and wiped out now. I’d say that is preferable. I’m told th…

Mag's and Little Man

29 months and 3 months
Hello All,
Yes I do still exist. Sorry I have been so absent lately. Adjusting to life with two little ones is giving me a run for my money and so the most neglected thing has been this blog. Sorry for anyone who still reads it. Anywho, how about a 4 month update?
The last time I talked about our girl she had just turned two and now she is 29 months, next month she’ll be two and a half, wow! Her vocabulary and understanding of words and sentences has exploded lately. She’s beginning to understand fully statements and sentences. It’s amazing to see how quickly she learns overnight. With it being summer, she’s outside everyday. It’s amazing how entertained she can be with a bucket of water and a few cups! We just finished her first swimming lessons this past week. She learned how to be more comfortable in the water, how to blow bubbles and how to float. She’s got an interest in the potty but we are not actively pursuing potty training. Her favorite activities i…

Eli's birth story

Well here you go, as with last time I am a used to be labor nurse and my filter is fairly nil so don't read on if birth isn't your thing because I'm not shy about details.
Early early in the morning, like 2am I was already awake with our fussy Mags when I suddenly felt like I was going to puke so I run to the bathroom and my awesome body that gives me a GI cleanse prior to labor was doing it's thing. I paid little to no attention to this because I had been in pre-labor for nearly 2 weeks. So I thought well here we go again. Didn't get excited just figured it was nothing. Maggie had finally gone back to sleep so I did too. Then she awoke again about 30 minutes later. Again I went in to cuddle her and for the firs time I had a contraction and it felt like the real thing but I've also thought that a couple of other times in my two weeks of pre-labor. So I decided to humor them and breathe through them quietly as possible since I was trying to help our girl get ba…