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Maggie 22 and 23 Months

Oops...I missed a month. Oh well, I'll just make up for it here. Maggie has slowed on the growth charts but soared on the smarts charts. She learns more new and exciting things every day. She is talking up a storm. Her latest verbal achievements are songs. With assistance, she sings ABC's quite well. She just started trying to sing "Old McDonald" it's adorable how it goes something like this, "EIEO, Farmer." She's so cute! She counts albeit a little out of sync from 1-10.

Her latest thing is asking, who's that or what's that? Her ability to get into stuff astounds me. And as an unwitting guest found out a while back, she is well on her way to opening doors, yikes!

I think I told you we bough her a potty. So far, to my relief, she hasn't seriously pursued it. She likes to play with and and sit on it occasionally but mostly it's just a fun new thing right now.

Being that we just got through Christmas, we have found that Maggie absolut…