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Here I am 36 weeks pregnant and I just have to laugh at myself, otherwise I would likely cry. I'm beginning to think that the joke is on me carrying a baby this low. No matter how faithful I've been with kegals, if I sneeze and my bladder has anything in it, I pee myself. Talk about embarrassing. This morning, I sneezed and just that such a thing happened. Well, after I had just peed, so my bladder should be empty right?! I'm walking over to get new underwear and thanks to my cold I have a coughing attack. Oi vey. I have a whole new respect for women that carry so low. It is uncomfortable to say the least. I'm told though that labor should go fairly quickly so there are some positives.

Next time I decide it's a good idea to go pick 75 lbs of tangerines for canning at 34 weeks pregnant and a fussy teething and sick toddler, someone please stop me. HA! I've reached a new level of funny with thinking I have the ability to do what normal people do at this sta…

Maggie is 2!

Hey all,

So technically, our girl is 25 months now. Sorry. Again, I am behind. 35 weeks pregnant sure is taking it out of me. Enough about me though.

Our girl is 2! And boy is she. She is giving me quite a run for my money with typical two year old behavior. Tantrums are nearly everyday. Independence is at new heights and climbing is a new favorite, albeit dangerous, activity.

Remember my last update about not drawing on things? I kid you not, not ten minutes after I wrote that last update I find this.

I had to laugh. Praise God it washed off. No more unsupervised playing with crayons and chalk. Mommy closely monitors her with these activities now.

For her 2 year birthday, we had family over and different from last year Maggie dove right into presents and had quite fun and excited reactions to the contents of her presents. She loved her butterfly cake!

December and January were rough months in this house. Tim and Maggie were collectively sick the whole two months. Maggie also welcome…