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Second Week, First Run and Spinach/Chicken Calzone

Ran yesterday, plan this week is to run 3 miles first two runs then 3.5 last run of the week. Nothing too interesting, ran 3 miles, went slowly at 5.6, went hiking with the hubby on Saturday with some decent pain in my knees and wanted to take it slow in case I was sore or something. Had pain all down my right side towards the end and after, not sure what to think of that. I have a known hip injury that flares up sometimes on my right side, we'll have to wait and see what happens.

Plan for dinner tonight was spinach and chicken calzone. In and effort to be more healthy, I made the calzone crust with whole wheat.

Easy recipe from, whole wheat flour, yeast, H2O, honey and salt. Quickly threw this together then let it rise twice, very simple.

For the filling the original recipe calls for cooking the chicken in the frying pain with a little EVOO. I changed it up a little, I slowly boiled the chicken then shredded the chicken with two forks, cooked onion and garlic with …

Homemade Cake

Well my homemaking project this week is cake from scratch. I've never made it before, I've made many Pillsbury box cakes but never from scratch, here goes nothing. I've done a good amount of research about this, word is homemade cakes are very hard to make moist so I searched everywhere on the net for a moist recipe. I came across a recipe on a cake blog and figured I'd try it out.

HA! I got so carried away I forgot to take a pic of wet ingredients going in, oh well. You mix all wet ingredients in excepts the eggs, beat for 2 minutes, then add 2 large eggs and beat another 2 minutes, pour into pan and bake 25-35 minutes. Here are a couple of pictures of the finished product, the first picture is the cake sans icing the second, I couldn't decide if I liked the icing so I cut a piece and had the hubby try it before I iced the whole thing.
I made homemade strawberry icing to go on top, surprisingly, I thought the icing was too sweet but of the 4-6 people who tried thi…

Days 2 & 3

This will be one post for two runs. Ran Wednesday, plan was to run 3 miles. Ran 3 miles, running speed between 5.6-6.4. I felt good with this run. One catch is, my right knee and ankle began to bother me toward the end, figure I'd wait until Saturday for the third run and see if they are better. 

Well, Saturday is upon us, ran this morning, was supposed to run 3.1 miles today, ran 3.25, my ankle not so much knee was still a little irritated, I'll probably see if it goes away and it's just some growing pains. Running speed this morning was 5.8-6.4. Felt good, we'll see what happens next week. Stay tuned, I have a homemade cake in the oven for my HPOW this week. Can't wait to see how it turns out  :)

Officially Training for the Half

Hey Guys,

So, my 5K plan is over now and it's on to the half marathon training. I think the hubby will start training about 6 to 10 weeks before, well his beginner runner wife is going to do a 16 week plan. I've looked at many different ones and I've decided I want goals every week that are challenging but also ones I can achieve.

So yesterday was my first day, nothing to write home about, I jumped on the treadmill, covered up the numbers, told myself to run for 30 minutes and then look at the numbers. I looked at 32 minutes and 30 seconds and I had gone my 3 miles so that was pretty cool. I ran the bulk of the run between 5.6-5.8. Ran at 6.4 the last 5 minutes. So in case you didn't figure it out, this first week is to run 3 miles the first two days then run 3.1 the final day of the week. The 1/2 marathon articles I've read have strongly advised the runner to weigh themselves before and after the run to make sure they are restoring their water supply. I didn'…

Final Week Saturday Run

Okay, if you've read my last post, you'd know that the workout room was locked on Thursday so I had to do my final run today. Well, I'm excited to say, I just had one of the best runs I've ever had. I ate a good hearty dinner last night, slept plenty, and I went slower than I had previously. I started my run at 5.6 and kept it at that pace for the majority of my run. I've found if I cover up the stats of my run with a magazine it's a lot less discouraging and helps me focus less on how much further I have to go and more on enjoying myself. I know that minimum I ran 3.5 miles however, the treadmills int he workout room tend to just switch off, ugh! But I'm sure I ran at least 3.5 miles. Anyway, I'm very excited hopefully this is the start of great mold to get into with my running. Next week I start my 1/2 marathon training, woot woot! Until next time. ; p

HPOW and Busy Kitchen

Hey All,

So with the hubby on call tomorrow, I plan to go to the east valley and spend the day with my mom. Since Saturday is my normal day for HPOW, I decided I would do it today. HPOW this week is homemade lasagna noodles without a pasta machine.

I've been researching making my own pasta for about six months and I've been slightly intimidated by it. I don't have a pasta machine and what happens if they don't taste good or something. Well I woke up this morning and decided what the hay, I would try it. If you know anything about pasta making, the pro's suggest that you build a mountain of flour and dig a hole right in the center then put your wet ingredients in the center. Well, I did just that and was chasing egg all around my counter, lol, it was quite comical, I had to laugh, this is my first time, of course it won't go off without a hitch. HA!

I got a huge desire to be in the kitchen all afternoon, at one point, in my little kitchen, I was making pasta sau…

Final Week Run 2

Hey guys,

Ran this morning. Found it challenging, I'm wondering if I'm eating right considering my activity level. I'm thinking I don't consume enough calories, nor do I maybe eat the right kind of calories. Anywho, I wonder if that is making running more difficult. I did run more straight and not up and down like the hubby suggested and I noticed a difference. Ran 3.35 miles and my running speed was 5.5-5.9. The hubby suggests that I'm going too fast which is why I'm tuckering out so I'll stay slow for a while. That's it for now, until next time. : p

Final Week of 5K

Wow, this is my final week of my 9 week or if you're me, my 12 week program for the 5K. Plan for the final week is to run 3 miles without stopping. Did just that this morning. It was mildly difficult, however; I took some of my husbands advice about how I run and I think it made it a little bit better. Maybe I'm just finding this three mile marker more difficult. Who knows, but got it done. 3.3 miles, running speed 5.5-6.4. We'll see how Wednesday goes. Off to work I go, Happy Labor Day everyone! Until next time, ; p.

Final Run For This Week

Hey Guys,

So, I was blessed to come home early from work yesterday and figured because I was slackish in the morning that I should run since I got home early. Came home to a sleeping post call hubby, who woke up and ran with me. Rather discouraging this time, I had to stop running a couple of times because I just felt exhausted, ugh! Anyway, interestingly enough the hubby was running in the gym with me this time, a first. He said he sees that I'm running more up and down than forward and he thinks I could be wasting energy doing that. I will definitely make a conscious decision not to do that anymore and see if that improves my runs this next week. With the exception of a couple of stops, I ran 3 miles, running speed between 5.5-6. Hopefully, things get back to normal this next week. This next week is my final week for the 5K. After that I'll be following a 1/2 Marathon training schedule January 15th is coming fast. Until next time ; p.

His Call, My Day

I'll warn you ahead of time, this entry will be a long one, I have a lot to talk about. So the hubby left this morning for a call shift, he gets up at 4:30am every day this month and though I normally wake up at 4:45, I let myself sleep in until 6am. Got up and decided, it was time to conquer my nemesis. What is my nemesis you ask? This puzzle...

If I may enlighten you this is a photo mosaic, I'd like to explain what that is to give myself credit where it's due. Mosaic means it is a lot of little microscopic pictures that make one big picture, ie the picture above me. I've posted about other puzzles before but I didn't even bother timing this one because I knew it would take me forever, I'm guessing here but I think this puzzle took me around 36 hours. For those of you who know me, I'm a puzzle master, so for me to work on a puzzle for that long is unheard of. The hubby told me to quit multiple times because of how frustrated I got...Anywho, I decided I wasn…

8th Week, 2nd Run

Ran this morning. Again 3 miles, running speed 6-7. Again, found it really hard to make it all the way through. Looking at the glass half full, this is my second to last week for couch to 5k, next week I'll be running the full 3 miles without stopping. I can't believe I'm going to make this goal, I thought it would never happen. Hopefully my training continues strong all the way to the half in January, that is of course the ultimate goal! Until next time, ; p.