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I'm Back!!

Boy oh Boy, I'm a terrible blogger. I do however, want to get better and would like to make it more a habit. Yes, I'm a new mom and have little time to myself but, truth be told I can make time for this I just haven't. Call it laziness, that is likely what it is, ha! Oh well.

 Anywho, I plan to get better, I have many things that I feel will keep me accountable. First, I have taken a keen interest in pinterest and will be doing one pinterest thing a week. Which could include a HPOW or anything else I find on pinterest that I want to try. Second, I'm going to do this photo a day challenge. Every month I send my grandparents and parents and email to update about our baby girl and for her 3 months I had 4 pictures. 4! Apparently, I get so wrapped up in enjoying the moments, which is by no means a bad thing, that I forget to document them, oops! So hopefully this photo a day will encourage me to take a picture per day of our girl. Truly, a pic per day when we have digital …