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Kids Update

I realize if you follow this blog you have no idea what's going on with our kiddos so here is a little update....
Kid # 1 Maggie girl

Ah, my wonderful and challenging 4 year old. That's right Maggie girl is 4! She just celebrated a birthday in January! Maggie continues her treatment for leukemia. She is doing as well as can be expected. I give her chemo every night with her medications and once a month we go to the clinic and she gets IV chemo as well. Her hair has finally begun to really grow and she's so excited that she can have ponies now! 
She continues to like puzzles and games. Coloring is hit or miss. Both the kids love play doh and gak. Though due to the mess Mommy doesn't always allow them to play with them. We had a little scare last weekend, she awoke with a fever of 102.5. So off to the closest hospital for her care her and daddy went. Praise God all her blood cultures came back negative but she was positive for RSV and they believe that is what caused her…

Some Truths

Hello all,

Ah, yes, I'm still alive and pregnant. My personal life has been emotionally exhausting lately and with being pregnant, nauseous and very busy with our two littles there has been little motivation to update this poor little blog.
No excuse, I love blogging I'm just absolutely terrible about being consistent. I have plans and they always fall through so I will not be making any promises this time. But I have something to blog about so here it is. 
I've quietly continued my real food journey, it has been hit or miss with being so nauseous and unable to meal plan for the past five months but my research has continued. 
In my research I have found some truths and I find myself feeling angry at the lies that are perpetuated about our food and what's done to it before we eat it. Truthfully when I make my family bread, I've started soaking the grains because I knew it was good but had no idea why. I'm baffled by the fact that grains, beans and nuts have phy…