Kids Update

I realize if you follow this blog you have no idea what's going on with our kiddos so here is a little update....

Kid # 1 Maggie girl

Ah, my wonderful and challenging 4 year old. That's right Maggie girl is 4! She just celebrated a birthday in January! Maggie continues her treatment for leukemia. She is doing as well as can be expected. I give her chemo every night with her medications and once a month we go to the clinic and she gets IV chemo as well. Her hair has finally begun to really grow and she's so excited that she can have ponies now! 

She continues to like puzzles and games. Coloring is hit or miss. Both the kids love play doh and gak. Though due to the mess Mommy doesn't always allow them to play with them. We had a little scare last weekend, she awoke with a fever of 102.5. So off to the closest hospital for her care her and daddy went. Praise God all her blood cultures came back negative but she was positive for RSV and they believe that is what caused her fever. So grateful just to have her home and healthy. So scary knowing what her little body can be susceptible to. 

Last year she had a really awful month of treatment and I personally believe that month set her back a ways emotionally. We are still not really making any progress in potty training. We aren't pushing it and I've settled on the idea that I could have 3 littles in diapers come June. I've started to more readily encourage her to do more on her own such as dressing herself and initiating teeth brushing and she seems to be responsive and has shown some interest.  This journey is incredibly difficult and I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. Once a month she goes on steroids who turn her into an aggressive and angry child who normally doesn't exist to that extent. Feeding lately has become such a chore as she has become very picky. I know that can be normal but when you have the option in the back of your head that chemo could be changing her taste buds what's the right step as a parent, try to get her to eat something she doesn't want or defer to the chemo and assume her tastes have changed? I don't know and I waver sometimes daily as to what the best decision is. 

This time of life continues to be challenging but Maggie is thriving! I plan to become more intentional about preschool activities with her. She knows all her letter sounds and I'd like to start working on making words in the coming months. She knows her numbers to 10 but gets pretty fuzzy from 11-20 so those are some things we will be working on. One thing I know about our amazing little girl is she's passionate. I'm trying to respect that as her parent and encourage her to be her own person while also guiding her to make good decisions and be kind. 

Kid #2

Oh my Eli! He turns 2 in 16 days! My baby will be 2! So crazy! Hubby and I were just discussing the other day we think one of his love languages must be physical touch. He always wants kisses and still loves to be held. He's all boy and loves trucks and dinosaurs! Mommy is planning a cars cake for him for his birthday because every day he asks to watch Cars during movie time and he wants to sing "life is a highway" and wear his Lightning Mcqueen shirt. 

He's the most verbal almost 2 year old boy I've ever met. I suppose with a mommy like me and sister like Maggie who is always talking he didn't stand a chance. He's a chatterbox too. Makes it somewhat easier to figure out what he wants. Most of the time. So far he wants to be just like sissy. He follows her around all day trying to be exactly like her. Part of trying to be just like Maggie is refusing or making if very difficult to keep sleeping in a crib. So two weeks ago, we moved him out of a crib and into a toddler bed and so far both of those two lovelies are asleep on the floor side by side.

He loves a variety of food as long as he doesn't her big sister say she doesn't like it then he doesn't like it too but overall he's a pretty good eater. He loves books and singing songs. Both of the kids adore outside, so I'm grateful for the nice weather we've been having. He is still a typical almost two year old with tantrums and outbursts but I'm trying some new things with my parenting and with God's grace the new things seem to better for those two areas of the "2's". He's still very much a momma's boy and I hope he retains that even when he's not the baby anymore. Speaking of baby...

Kid # 3

Here is Baby Jacks # 3! I'm so thrilled and blessed that we get to have a third child! I've always wanted a big family and if our loss as taught me anything (which it taught me a lot) was that not all pregnancies are guaranteed. I always knew that and feared it but once we lost the baby in June it's just given me a different perspective and I'm very grateful for this little wriggler inside. 

We're 27 weeks today and chugging along. Baby is carrying lower similar to Eli and that is uncomfortable but totally worth it. In the past couple weeks my nausea has lessened and I'm feeling much more human! Hard to believe that there is only 13-14 weeks left! Eek! So much to do! Well, that is all I have for now. Goodnight.


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