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Oh me oh my,

I've been on this real food journey for a while. My ability to feed my family real food is limited to my budget but I do the best I can to feed my family whole organic foods. I'm frequently frightened to see what's in our food. Even feeding my family healthfully. Like say chicken breast instead of chicken nuggets, my chicken has arsenic and the chickens are fed GMO feed? Are you kidding me? Well, thank God for Costco that is where I get my organic meat it's not pasture fed but it's the best I can afford.

Recently, I was taking a prenatal vitamin and after I swallowed it I thought, I wonder what the ingredients are, after all I take this so when we conceive again (hopefully) that my folic acid level is healthy and whatnot, well come to find out my vitamins since they aren't organic are full of toxins. Eesh.

Nearly three months ago I looked at what's in my shampoo, yikes. Thus began my "no shampoo" journey. So far, I'm washing my hair once per week with bentonite clay and rinsing with organic apple cider vinegar. I'm still in transition and my hair looks questionable and hopefully soon it will balance out. Next, I looked at what's in uber gentle soap dove. So gentle I've been using it on my babies since they were first born, GRR maybe gentle but chemically laden.

My makeup and my lotion, disconcerting to see how poorly moderated the ingredients in cosmetics are. My floss and my toothpaste, chemically laden. YUCK. I'm so angry, here I'm doing the best for my family and come to find out my life is surrounded by toxins and chemicals. Well no more, to the best of my ability.

We already eat as real of food as we can afford. I plan to make a few changes such as fermented foods and soaked bread. Going to start slow and implement changes as I can afford them. One day when we buy a house we will own chickens and will get pastured organic eggs from them but that is one day. Will be buying organic prenatal vitamins. I've already ditched my toxic shampoo so at least there's that. I just bought some toxin free bar soap for my babies and myself. I found naturally waxed floss on clearance. I oil pull every night and I plan to switch to clay toothpaste soon and I plan to take a stab at making my own makeup and mascara. Will try to make posts when I attempt those things. I am by far the worst at writing on here but I'm constantly trying to get better. Okay, rant over. Thank God the Bible says that I can eat any vile thing and it can't harm me. Some days I live by that verse. I do the best I can and the best I can afford. That's enough for now. Goodnight.


I can totally relate with everything you just said! I have the same motto, I do the best I can with the budget we have and the rest I just don't worry about! We have a goal to have chickens someday too. If you ever want to chat about ways I've found to save money, or if you want some water kefir grains or a kombucha scoby to start fermenting, I would be happy to share!
Oh forgot to mention, check out Garden of Life RAW prenatal. That's the best one I've found so far that is semi-affordable.
Momma said…
Cool thanks Sarah. I would LOVE to chat about kefir and kombacha and would always love to save money. I also want to learn about bone broth. Don't you have a post about that?
Yes! I have a post on bone broth and water kefir but not the kombucha yet. Next time I'm in Phoenix, I'll send you a message and maybe we can meet up and I can give you some kefir grains and a scoby. I would mail them, but it's so hot right now the heat would probably kill them in a day.
Momma said…
Yes please! Sounds awesome! Thx so much!
Jake said…
I must appreciate the way you have express your feelings through your blog!

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