Homemade Boppy Pillow

Okay, so for those of you who have looked at my registry, I did register for a boppy pillow but I also wanted to make one myself. I used material from an old cotton sheet we don't use anymore and can't help but wonder if store bought is better than homemade when it comes to this. Anywho, I figure if my pillow is just as good as store bought the registry one can always be returned and if my homemade one fails then I have a genuine boppy as well. Here goes nothing....

I printed out the pattern on the computer and had to tape the pattern together to make this. I got the pattern here

Fold your fabric, or sheet, in half, place pattern along folded side and cut two of the pattern out.

Pin the two pieces together with RIGHT sides facing each other.

Sew around edges, leaving opening for stuffing, I left my opening right in the middle but you can do whatever you want.

Turn right side out and press

Stuff pillow to desired consistency

Hand sew the opening shut  :)

All done! We'll see how it holds up to a new born  :)


Louisa said…
Nicely done! It looks great.

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