Best Laid Plans

So as most of you know, I've changed my mind, as a typical woman, and decided to make both a baby girl and baby boy quilt, originally, I planned on making the baby boy and buying the baby girl but I found this precious moments jungle fabric and fell in love.

So then I was on a mission to make this quilt.I found this quilt design. And could envision this in little girl colors with the precious moments fabric from above. My next mission was to find embroidery animals of precious moments. I spent hours and hours and hours searching online to no avail. Then so blessed, I found a precious moments color book with all these animals in it and figured I could trace the animal patterns to fabric and embroider them myself. I ordered the color book from ASAP, only problem was, it said could take three weeks to get to me. I waited, impatiently for the next three weeks and the color book never came. I emailed the seller and he told me it must have gotten lost in the mail. UGH! So then I had to get really creative.

I had found this coordinating fabric with precious moments jungle animals on it and wondered if I could take a picture of these little animals, blow it up, print it, trace it, and then with a heat transfer pencil iron it onto fabric. I know it was supposed to be so simple and now it was complicated. I have kept this from the blog because I  thought for sure this idea wouldn't work and I would be disappointed. More to come on the progress of this.


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