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Maggie 14 Months

Pheww what a month we've had with our girl.  Let's see where to begin. Well, we'll start with everything we've had to move, put up high or close off.  Maggie can now get in the trash can which is why it's in the pantry. She can now lift the lid to the toilet so all bathroom doors are now closed and all rolls of toilet paper are off the holder and on the counter where she can't reach them.

Funny after months of us trying to teach her to get off the couch backwards so her feet hit first and she doesn't fall. She just does it all on her own now. What a relief knowing she won't fall off the couch anymore. She has been walking for a few months but now she even runs and is very steady with walking.

In an effort to give her a sibling I've gone from nursing her 6 times per day down to 3. She is adjusting quite well. Three weeks ago she refused sippy cups now she drinks out of them. Some days more than others but the fact is she's learning. Which is goo…