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Two Months

Two months already! Man time is going fast. Well, I sure made this day memorable. With Maggie, reaching the 2 month mark, it's now safe to take her out and I did. Yup, I somehow managed to leave my phone on top of my car and it went flying into oncoming traffic and is now in a million pieces, oops... We did have a good day overall though. We got Maggie some clothes, so fun! Can't wait to dress her up!

Maggie does new and exciting things all the time. Her 2nd month has been quite eventful. At 5 weeks she rolled over during tummy time. She also got her first cold/cough, poor baby. At 6 weeks she started smirking. At 7 weeks she started having real tears.  :( At 8 weeks she smiles really big and daily. Warms my mommy heart, I love it! She also has hints of laughter.

Tonight we had her 2 month appt, she weighs 12lbs 13oz. She's growing healthy and strong and we're so grateful! She also got three shots, we both cried. She was okay until we got home then she absolutely lost…

My Cloth Diaper Solution

Okay everybody, It's been a week of cloth diapering and though I'm getting the hang of it, I'm disgusted by the stains on the diapers of poop. I know it's clean but it looks so dirty from the stains.
Again I sought the advice of my SIL. She informed me that I should be washing the prefolds as well as the covers after every poopy diaper. UGH! I had not been doing that and was hoping I wouldn't have to do that until she started on solids in a few months. So I set out to do what she did to see if I could get my diapers clean. about two days in, I was thinking, if this is what it takes, maybe I don't want to do cloth diapering. I know what a baby huh? 
Anywho, I wasn't quite ready to give up so I went to google. All the blogs I read on google said that breastfed poops are water soluble and should come right out. Yeah right! None of my daughters poop stains came out in the wash, they simply stained. 
Finally, I came across a blog that said to use white vinegar and …

7 Weeks and garden update

Our Maggie is 7 weeks! She's so smiley in the mornings, it's awesome! So far, it's nothing we do she just sometimes smile and I drink every single grin in. I have yet to catch one on camera, but I am trying. Also new this week is when she gets really upset she has real tears, it rips my heart apart. I've been praying for strength because I know someday I'll have to discipline her and I can't let her tears get to me too much, but for now I try to quickly stop the tears.
Some good news on the garden front is my plants are growing like weeds, ha! My beans all germinated and I had WAY too many so I had to thin them. So far though, everything is looking great and I look forward to seeing if flowers start to form on my tomato plants. Here are some pics...