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Our girl, 31 months, Our Boy 5 Months

31 Months and 5 Months
Okay, I have a ton to say and a lot of ground to make up from not updating about our kiddos in 2 months. As most of you know, our 2 year old has started a very long journey with being diagnosed with leukemia. It’s been an extremely difficult two weeks. Right now we’re in the first stage of treatment which is known as induction. It’s 29 days of her first rounds of chemo. The last two weeks, 5 days of which were in the hospital, have been very difficult on our girl. From her first needle pokes and medications to having her first general anesthesia and being tethered to an IV pole. Her favorite part about being in the hospital was watching Cars and Finding Nemo 2-3 times per day.
Our first few days home and even the first week being home Maggie was her normal self. Feisty, strong willed and temperamental, as a momma, I can’t believe I’m saying I’d rather have a toddler yelling at me but she’s so lethargic and wiped out now. I’d say that is preferable. I’m told th…