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8 Months

Hi All,
Boy does time fly. I meant to write this last week and it just kept getting away from me, so here I am, writing it now. Sorry it's a little tardy.  So our little baby is 8 months. Last Saturday when I was bathing her and realized when she woke in the morning she'd be 8 months I began to cry. This past 8 months has gone by so quick! Time truly does fly the older you get.
Anywho, our baby. Let's see, last month she welcomed her first tooth. This month she got her second and is working on a third. This means she has some fussy days and sleeping at night is still very hit or miss. Sometimes I'm so tired I get frustrated being woke in the middle of the night multiple times. But as I sit nursing her I try to cherish every moment. Because it feels like just yesterday she was a helpless little infant and now she's trying to be more independent. I know there will be a day I even miss waking up to her crying in the middle of the night. This past month has been a bre…

Our Little Beardinal Fan

Hey Everybody,

So most of your know that I am a die hard Cardinals fan. Yes, I'm aware my team consistently struggles but I still love them and will always root for them. This is fun in my marriage because hubby is a Chicago Bears fan.
So, at church this month the topic is called playbook and while the playbook for church is the Bible the pastor and all the staff are encouraging us to dress in football attire. So fun! Couldn't wait to dress up our girl, well come to find all the Cardinals stuff I had she has outgrown and all she has is a Bears shirt, which I don't mind if she roots for them both (based off of her attire) however, I like my baby girl to look like a girl and the shirt was just way to boyish. Therefore I thought I'll make her some girly sports outfits.
Well, while perusing Pinterest I found a tutorial for a circle skirt and the idea came to me, I'll make our little girl a circle skirt with one side Bears and the other side Cardinals and so was my proj…

Homemade Ice Cream (without a ice cream maker)

Hi Guys,

So I love ice cream and call me crazy but I just knew there had to be a way to make it without an ice cream maker. Besides the fact that is it just me but are ice cream cartons shrinking and the price sky rocketing? So anyhow, I was on this website for another reason and came across this recipe. After looking in my fridge and realizing I had all the ingredients I thought I'd give it a whirl. Without further ado, homemade ice cream

So, I couldn't believe it worked! It didn't have any freezer burn on it and it's totally soft. It is pretty sweet so if/when I do this again I will decrease the amount of condensed milk. Overall I like it. Hubby doesn't like it said it taste like marshmallow, I disagree but any who, that's it for now, baby is awake and crying, until next time.  ;)