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21 months and 20 weeks

21 months and busy. Yes, in three short months our girl will be 2! How did that happen. Goodness. She's such a little ball or fun and fire mixed together. She is constantly testing me and pushing her boundaries. I say no she inches a little closer just to see my reaction. I struggle to be consistent simply because I feel like all I do all day long is say no to her. My main goal is more consistency. Just like this little lovely girl though we're both newbies and we're both learning.

She is learning and talking more and more every day. She's not only just saying words but full phrases now. She hears a song enough and then starts to sing it herself. Right now she is trying to learn her abc's. It's so cute. I'll try to get a video of it so you all can see it.

So after fighting it for a couple months I broke down and bought her a potty today. I was hoping to do potty training when the new baby was a few months old. We'll see how it goes. She's very in…

Maggie 19/20 Months

Hi All,

So sadly, our girl is closer to 21 months but better late than never. With moving, going on vacation and plain exhaustion from pregnancy I'm just a little behind. Now, onto our girl.

Our beautiful baby girl is 20 months and well on her way to her own opinion and attitudes. Well, lets begin with how our girl has been since we got pregnant. I had her down to nursing twice a day and about 4 days after we saw a positive pregnancy test she changed. She knows something is up. Our always happy rarely clingy girl is completely different now. She's very needy and clingy and wants to nurse all the time. Though, I now know that nursing during pregnancy is a recipe for exhaustion I feel at this time the best thing to do is cater to her needs. So we nurse on average 4-8 times a day again. I struggle with it sometimes but with moving, teething and just growing older our girl has had a lot of change in a short amount of time and because of that I'm at peace with my decision to ca…

14 Weeks

Our facebook announcement.

Our secret is out! Woot woot! We're 14 weeks and chugging along. I'm already in maternity clothes, I'm pretty good size already. I started feeling flutters at exactly 13 weeks. Love feeling that little one's bubbles  :). Still nauseous and actually it's worsening which is what happened with Maggie. Another girl perhaps? :-)  I don't really believe in all that. This pregnancy has been completely different than with Maggie. With Maggie I had glowing skin. This baby I'm breaking out all over the place. Maggie I started getting sick 8 weeks this baby 5.5 weeks. Maggie I was tired but it was manageable, this one I could sleep all day. Ha! I find this pregnancy going by so quickly, assuming because I chase a toddler all day.

I'm in a season of life where I'm extending myself lot's of extra grace to get everything done. I didn't start feeling well until 26 weeks with Maggie and though I know I could start feeling go…

12 Weeks

Hi Everybody,

Saw the midwife today. Was nervous as always and as always everything is doing well. Baby's heart is beating away nice and strong and my uterus is measuring right where it should. My nausea is pretty consistent, I have to pee ALL the time. Like every 15 minutes and no I don't have a UTI and the exhaustion is getting to me. However; I'm so tickled and blessed to be carrying this little life. I'll take any symptom necessary to have a healthy baby. That's it for now.

Everything's Fine!

Hey All, so my previous post was talking about nursing and the one before that was talking about being scared to be pregnant again although very grateful! Well, we just had our midwife appointment. Everything is fine. Baby is measuring 9 weeks and heartbeat is beating away. Thank you Jesus! Will update more later but that is all I have for now!


Hey there bloggers,

If you read my previous post you know we're pregnant! Yay! Most of you know that once Maggie's first birthday had come and gone and I still didn't have a period I began trying to partially wean her in order to get pregnant again. The only reason I partially weaned her was to get pregnant no other reason.

Well, here we are pregnant and as far as I know everything is going well. I am continuing to nurse her twice daily. However; a wrench has been thrown into this mix. Three weeks ago our girl was sick and I let her nurse whenever she wanted for comfort and now she wants to nurse all the time. When I say no our girl throws tantrums. I know tantrums are coming and I'm not looking forward to them. I feel terrible in that she is having tantrums because of not being able to nurse. It goes against my instincts big time. All the research I've done says it is safe to nurse during pregnancy. Truly we have our first midwife appointment in two days and if ev…

Holding My Breath

Hey All,

So this will be a fairly serious-ish post. Besides, the only way you'll end up seeing this is if everything is okay. Tired of my vagueness? Well, here is the truth. I'm pregnant! I'm excited and looking forward to prayerfully meeting this little one in March. While I adore being pregnant and have wanted to be pregnant for months and months as soon as I know I'm pregnant the fear of the unknown takes or tries to take over my thoughts and feelings.

As you all know, I'm a used to be labor nurse and while that has some advantages for someone like me it is more a disadvantage. Knowledge is a burden for me. While most of you newly pregnant momma's are probably basking in your newly exciting news, I'm sitting and wondering if everything is okay. I react like a momma who has miscarried though Praise God I haven't ever had one and pray I don't. This is titled holding my breath because I feel like from 4 weeks pregnant to 8 weeks when I finally see m…

Maggie 18 Months

Ahhhh!!! 18 months! How did our baby get to 18 months already! Life with our little toddler is busy and stressful but fun at the same time. Our girl is similar to her momma in that she is a talker. She talks so much! Tim says a normal toddler knows 15 words. Maggie probably knows 30-40. She melts our hearts with her sweet pees (please) and tank yu (thank you). First thing in the morning Tim brings her to me and she says momma momma. She has also recently informed me when she's gone number 2. Oh joy, haha. At the dinner table we grab her hands and say it's time to pray and she says aa-men! It's just precious!

She is also like her momma in her desire to push the limits she is obedient but she likes to inch that finger or take one more step before she truly listens. Boy what will we have ahead of us! We are still nursing two times per day. She is doing great with her sippy cups and is now even eating with a fork and spoon. This month brought 4 molars, in three weeks. Though …

Geeked Out!

Hey All, 
So I guarantee you'll laugh and I don't care. I'm a nerd at heart and totally fine with it. So for the past year I have had my mom's old iphone 4 for att but we use verizon so I haven't used it as a phone just a device to use for apps and such. Well, earlier this month I decided to sell that phone and finally get a verizon iphone simply so I don't have to carry around two devices that I'm constantly leaving one or both at other peoples houses. ugh. So my ebay transaction was a success. 
However; now I needed to replace it and due to other circumstances decided to wait on purchasing another iphone. Sometime last week, my mom said she had another old iphone 4 that had a broken screen. I brought it home did some research and asked her if I could try to fix it. She said sure. Warning: fixing your own iphone can result in damage to iphone and it does void your warranty if you have one. 
I did some research and read reviews and after a few days decided…


Hey All,

So after months of wondering the verdict is in. We're moving! This will make three times in three years. Though I'm not excited about the packing part. I'm very excited to be getting out of San Tan Valley and also excited that since hubby has a great job we'll likely be at this next house for 2-3 years until we're ready to buy! So if I become even more sparse on this blog that is why. Packing with a toddler, should be fun! ;)

Infinity Dress

Hi Everybody!

So I pinned this tutorial forever ago and have looked at it off and on the past few months and been afraid to try it then suddenly I decided to take the plunge! I thought this ladies tutorial was really simple to follow. However; since I'm still very much a beginner seamstress I made many many mistakes and let's just say I'm blessed it turned out.

 I didn't know you could rip seams out of polyester so many times and the fabric would still be intact. Anywho, this is an infinity dress. It can be worn umteen ways. I did take some pics of the different ways you can style it.

One thing I do want to say is originally This dress is just made to have just the straps wrapped around your chest, well I was uncomfortable with this and being that it is homemade I was concerned the fabric wouldn't stay in the same place and may end up exposing me. Therefore, I followed her tutorial at the bottom to make this dress with a bandeau top and I'm much happier with t…

Maggie 17 Months

I know I know, I'm late. Maggie turned 17 months 6 days ago. I haven't had my normal PC and I've also just forgotten. Well without further ado here it is. Our baby girl is 17 months! Every day, week and month is exciting right now. She does new and adorable stuff all the time. Let's start with how she's progressing.

I began weaning her more than previously and she is ready. She's doing great! She nurses twice per day and eats solid foods better than she ever has. She loves mac and cheese, spaghetti, grilled cheese and her veggie faves. I'm so grateful that eating is not much of a fight anymore. She's drinking more water and milk as well. So great! At the beginning of the month I also completely night weaned her and God has been in this the whole time. She woke up once a night for the first three nights and now she sleeps through. Every night. If she does awaken she is content to just be held and no longer asks to nurse. This season is slightly challeng…

Here Goes Nothing

Hey all, so I've been wanting to try this for a long time and tonight I finally took the plunge. Stay tuned in coming days for progress(I hope). Homemade sourdough starter!

Peach Canning

Hey Guys,

So I canned peaches today. Long story short I initially thought I couldn't can the peaches from Schnepf farms because they are semi clingstone. However; I was determined not to give up and I found this wonderful blog that explained to me an easy way to get the pit out without demolishing the peaches. Here is my peach canning story, in pictures!