Infinity Dress

Hi Everybody!

So I pinned this tutorial forever ago and have looked at it off and on the past few months and been afraid to try it then suddenly I decided to take the plunge! I thought this ladies tutorial was really simple to follow. However; since I'm still very much a beginner seamstress I made many many mistakes and let's just say I'm blessed it turned out.

 I didn't know you could rip seams out of polyester so many times and the fabric would still be intact. Anywho, this is an infinity dress. It can be worn umteen ways. I did take some pics of the different ways you can style it.

Pardon the slip, oops. I wouldn't wear this style anyway. It's not very flattering to my figure.

I like this variation

This is one of the many backs you can do. Also, most of the tutorials have you tie on the side but I think that looks funny on me so I always tied mine in the back. Just personal preference though.Check youtube for all the different ways you can wrap this dress. It's endless!
One thing I do want to say is originally This dress is just made to have just the straps wrapped around your chest, well I was uncomfortable with this and being that it is homemade I was concerned the fabric wouldn't stay in the same place and may end up exposing me. Therefore, I followed her tutorial at the bottom to make this dress with a bandeau top and I'm much happier with that.

I'm actually really excited! I can wear this dress anywhere. Also, I plan to make a least a few more in a more relaxed stretchy cotton material for everyday use. They are so versatile and fun! I'm really into sewing this days so you'll probably see many more posts to come about sewing. Also, I killed my sourdough starter and will be starting a new one here soon. Hopefully it will turn out better. That's all for now.


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