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My Toxic Life

Oh me oh my,

I've been on this real food journey for a while. My ability to feed my family real food is limited to my budget but I do the best I can to feed my family whole organic foods. I'm frequently frightened to see what's in our food. Even feeding my family healthfully. Like say chicken breast instead of chicken nuggets, my chicken has arsenic and the chickens are fed GMO feed? Are you kidding me? Well, thank God for Costco that is where I get my organic meat it's not pasture fed but it's the best I can afford.

Recently, I was taking a prenatal vitamin and after I swallowed it I thought, I wonder what the ingredients are, after all I take this so when we conceive again (hopefully) that my folic acid level is healthy and whatnot, well come to find out my vitamins since they aren't organic are full of toxins. Eesh.

Nearly three months ago I looked at what's in my shampoo, yikes. Thus began my "no shampoo" journey. So far, I'm washing my h…