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Wonders of Pregnancy

Hey all,

For those of you who know me, you know I'm naturally emotional, however; pregnancy has exaggerated this x20. HA! I'm crying over ridiculous things such as a good play in football, someone winning Hell's Kitchen and simply just because. I am however; still crying at serious things so at least I'm kind of balanced.

Praise God we're 15 weeks this week, other mommies tell me things are going to get easier which I'm sure they will but they haven't yet. Oh well, I welcome it all, love this baby so much! So grateful to God for him/her. Hope you all are well. Keep your eyes peeled, if I can stay not nauseous long enough I plan to try baking bread in a crock pot, should be interesting. Until next time  ; p.

Progression Pics

Well yay, it's out, no more secrets or lies, Praise you Jesus we've made it to 13 weeks and now the world knows about our precious little bundle of joy!! So like a first time mommy, I've taken many photos of my baby belly. The first two weeks there is no difference but starting week 7 you can see a little bump and now at 13 weeks people are asking me if there are two in there, haha. I would welcome two babies but we've only heard one heartbeat and the ultrasound only showed one little love. Here are some pics for comparison.