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Unfortunately, I'm like the rest of America and I'm addicted to sugar! My body craves it! It's so sad. It's something I desperately want to change. Again, unfortunately, with all of the stress in my life, my daughters cancer, my mothers cancer, my mother in law's cancer and a very challenging season in my marriage. Chocolate has been my coping mechanism and it has been for a very long time. This will not be an easy thing in my life to change but I'm hoping I can.

I will be realistic about it though. I do believe that if I try to get rid of all sugar in every form I will fail miserably and rebel. So, my game plan is to wean myself off refined sugar. I hope to substitute my organic cane sugar for coconut palm sugar, dates, figs, honey and maple syrup and hopefully, eventually, stevia(I'm not there yet). Stay tuned for how this goes, should be very interesting!

My Journey to Real Food

Hey! Look! A blog post when I said I would. It's a miracle! Ha!

My journey with real food started shortly before our daughters diagnosis. I was interested in it and very curious about monsanto and simply reading the back of boxes to see what the ingredients were. Once I started to learn what monsanto was and how deep they were in most major corporations and I began reading the ingredients, I was appalled at what I found.

Then our daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. In no uncertain way, my life was shattered. It took me a while to pick up the pieces and realize that though I didn't cause her cancer, I wasn't helping matters with all the processed foods we were eating. Thus spurred my desire to learn more and to do better now that I understood more.

My quest led me to traditional cooking school with Wardee. I learned a ton about soaking and sprouting. I'm not sure why but I glazed over when they would talk about anti-nutrients. Truthfully, in recent months that has bee…

My Why

So..Drum roll please....I want to reboot this blog. I really have to make it a priority even more so now with three littles. I know that writing is good for me. I know it is a sort of outlet for me that I need ever so badly. I also think if I need to keep up with this blog it will help me be accountable too. I have some goals I'm wanting to achieve and believe that needing to keep up with this little blog will help me do that.

The topics that I hope to share with you and thus make me accountable are my real food journey, my sugar addiction and my desire and implementation of positive parenting with my kids. Over the next three days I will make a separate blog post of these three things and why I'd like to blog about it and hopefully make myself accountable. Don't hold your breath but I hope to surprise you! Enough for now, goodnight.