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Our Little One

We went and saw my midwife today for the first time. I have had a million and half fears and moments of panic in the last 4 weeks and all were laid to rest today, we are measuring right on schedule. Baby Jacks is 8weeks 4 days with a awesome little heartbeat just going to town. Thank you God so much for this baby.


Hey Everybody,

So, I'm probably a little behind but wanted to let you all know that the Hubby has procured a job and we have found a house to rent and we are in the process of packing and moving. Not that my blog has been up-to-date but it will really be behind now. The apartment is looking more and more empty.

Tim has graciously been doing the majority of the packing because I never knew such a little human could make me so exhausted and void of energy. We found a pretty little house in a great neighborhood, close-ish to hubby's new job.