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Maggie 19/20 Months

Hi All,

So sadly, our girl is closer to 21 months but better late than never. With moving, going on vacation and plain exhaustion from pregnancy I'm just a little behind. Now, onto our girl.

Our beautiful baby girl is 20 months and well on her way to her own opinion and attitudes. Well, lets begin with how our girl has been since we got pregnant. I had her down to nursing twice a day and about 4 days after we saw a positive pregnancy test she changed. She knows something is up. Our always happy rarely clingy girl is completely different now. She's very needy and clingy and wants to nurse all the time. Though, I now know that nursing during pregnancy is a recipe for exhaustion I feel at this time the best thing to do is cater to her needs. So we nurse on average 4-8 times a day again. I struggle with it sometimes but with moving, teething and just growing older our girl has had a lot of change in a short amount of time and because of that I'm at peace with my decision to ca…

14 Weeks

Our facebook announcement.

Our secret is out! Woot woot! We're 14 weeks and chugging along. I'm already in maternity clothes, I'm pretty good size already. I started feeling flutters at exactly 13 weeks. Love feeling that little one's bubbles  :). Still nauseous and actually it's worsening which is what happened with Maggie. Another girl perhaps? :-)  I don't really believe in all that. This pregnancy has been completely different than with Maggie. With Maggie I had glowing skin. This baby I'm breaking out all over the place. Maggie I started getting sick 8 weeks this baby 5.5 weeks. Maggie I was tired but it was manageable, this one I could sleep all day. Ha! I find this pregnancy going by so quickly, assuming because I chase a toddler all day.

I'm in a season of life where I'm extending myself lot's of extra grace to get everything done. I didn't start feeling well until 26 weeks with Maggie and though I know I could start feeling go…

12 Weeks

Hi Everybody,

Saw the midwife today. Was nervous as always and as always everything is doing well. Baby's heart is beating away nice and strong and my uterus is measuring right where it should. My nausea is pretty consistent, I have to pee ALL the time. Like every 15 minutes and no I don't have a UTI and the exhaustion is getting to me. However; I'm so tickled and blessed to be carrying this little life. I'll take any symptom necessary to have a healthy baby. That's it for now.