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Real Food Goals

I've decided that I'm not going to tell you my plans anymore because this poor little blog always go by the wayside and then it never goes anywhere. So...Here goes...I'm going to be giving myself weekly challenges when it comes to real food.

This week:

Replace one processed food with a real food alternative

Sour all grains

Fruits or veggies at every meal

I'm starting small and building on each week.

My First 90 Day Challenge

Hey all,

I'm still chugging along in my business with it Works! One of the important aspects of this business is trying the products for myself and finding some that I like and want to share with others. I'm doing my first 90 day challenge! I adore my babies I do. They have left their mark on me. I didn't get any stretch marks with Maggie until 36 weeks and then they popped up on my lower belly.

Then I carried Eli and Henry super low and different both times and got all new stretch marks with both of their pregnancies. Here is the aftermath of my beautiful babies:

I've seen so many before and afters of our stretch mark cream I'm so excited to see how this works. I've been using it for the last 4 days and already I'm noticing my marks are lighter and my skin is softer. I'm going to be updating at a month and I can't wait for what happens! Stay tuned!

Kids Update: My Boys

Eli is exactly one month shy of 3 years old! This little boy loves life! He continues to adore Disney Cars and Lightning Mcqueen! He has about 5 Lightning Mcqueen cars and he generally has at least two in his hands and all times. He sleeps with them, bathes with them, and carries them wherever he goes. He loves to color and play with his sister. He adores being outside and while sister is the one in soccer he is the one who actually participates in it. I think we'll enroll him next fall since he'll be 3 and eligible to play.

He loves to make his own decisions and I really try as his mom to make sure that I accommodate that as much as possible since kids are so powerless otherwise. He's learning to dress himself more and more and I've put him in a pull-up along with his sister just to give me a break. I do hope eventually it will lead to potty training but I also realize he's young for that so time will tell.

He's struggled pretty significantly since Henry was …

43 Squares Per Day

Eesh it's getting late! I did it! One day down 37 to go! This pattern and stitch are working up really quick! It's so fun! I was just learning this pattern and getting started and I've already done 65 squares! Hopefully I'll finish well before his birthday! Okay. It's late. Goodnight.

Eli's Birthday Present

Eli's birthday is 38 days away, I'm cutting this really close but just got the idea a few days ago. I'm going to do my first corner to corner blanket and I'm going to make a pixel graph blanket too. Pheww can you say over achiever? I tend to over due it but my boy is worth it and assuming it turns out he's going to love it! What do you think? Can you tell from the graph who that is?

Eli's love for Lightning McQueen has not wavered in the last year. If anything it's even more so. He sleeps with the baby quilt I made him and I'd like to make him something a little bigger and less baby themed. He doesn't care but I'd like to give him something and since mommy loves to crochet my hobby can be his blessing. If I have the math all figured out I need to do approximately 43 squares a day to finish by his birthday. I think that is doable and I will update as I get going. I intend to start tomorrow. Stay tuned!

It Works!

You saw from a previous post that I've joined It Works! as a distributor. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time but have always been too afraid and not confident enough. Well thank you Lord for your revelation in my life I do have the confidence now and I'm loving it! 
Not only did I want to try the products but I also found the comrade and friendship contagious. This business is simply awesome! We have great products that have real results and we have amazing team members here to help all the way. It Works just announced some available bonuses for new distributors. I'm so excited about this because this is me! ha! Without going too in depth, the way to be successful in this business is to promote. Well I'm close to the first promotion with is executive. After that is Ruby, then Emerald and then diamond. My first big goal is to hit ruby before March 25 so I can get a $500 dollar bonus. I'll update how that's going in another post. 
One of the…

Kids Update: Maggie

Since I'm basically restarting this dead-ish blog, I thought I'd do an update on each of my kiddos.
Our Maggie girl is 5! Wow! I have a 5 year old. If you follow me at all on social media, you know our Maggie girl finished leukemia treatment in November and two weeks ago she got her port out. No more 2am fevers sending her to the hospital. Maggie has been in remission since her first month in treatment. She has an excellent prognosis of 5% chance of relapse. She has monthly blood checks for the next two years with continued monitoring until she's 10.

We celebrated her 5th birthday and her no more chemo party at Schnepf Farms in Queen Creek. It was a blast. Maggie had so much fun! We are so blessed to have family and friends who love our little daughter.

Maggie's latest interest is in practicing her letters. Funny, I went to the homeschool convention last summer so concerned that she wasn't picking up on and fearing I was failing her. Nope! Readiness to learn is wh…

Life Update

Hey! It's me. Boy! When I started this blog nearly 8 years ago I had no idea how appropriate To Live Is To Learn would be. Boy is it. I'm constantly learning and guess what? If you still follow this piddly little blog you get to see my lessons just like I do. I hope. I have quite a few challenges in my life that I'm working on and though I'm terrible at consistency I'd like to try and use this blog as a journal/sort of accountability with the things I'm working on.
The picture represents some important areas that I'm being intentional about improving and working on. I'll give you a couple of highlights of these four things and then some more detailed posts coming soon.
1. One thing I'm really excited about and happy to be pursuing is I've signed up to be a distributor for It Works! I've been admiring friends doing this business from afar and now I'm trying it out myself. I've only been in four 10 days and so far it's so fun. The…