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You saw from a previous post that I've joined It Works! as a distributor. I've been thinking about doing this for a long time but have always been too afraid and not confident enough. Well thank you Lord for your revelation in my life I do have the confidence now and I'm loving it! 

Not only did I want to try the products but I also found the comrade and friendship contagious. This business is simply awesome! We have great products that have real results and we have amazing team members here to help all the way. It Works just announced some available bonuses for new distributors. I'm so excited about this because this is me! ha! Without going too in depth, the way to be successful in this business is to promote. Well I'm close to the first promotion with is executive. After that is Ruby, then Emerald and then diamond. My first big goal is to hit ruby before March 25 so I can get a $500 dollar bonus. I'll update how that's going in another post. 

One of the most popular products is the Greens. They alkalize, detox and energize. It is 34 fruits and vegetables and 52 superfoods. I ordered myself some and I will be doing a month challenge to see what I notice while doing them daily during that month. Keep your eye out for updates on that.


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