Life Update

Hey! It's me. Boy! When I started this blog nearly 8 years ago I had no idea how appropriate To Live Is To Learn would be. Boy is it. I'm constantly learning and guess what? If you still follow this piddly little blog you get to see my lessons just like I do. I hope. I have quite a few challenges in my life that I'm working on and though I'm terrible at consistency I'd like to try and use this blog as a journal/sort of accountability with the things I'm working on.

The picture represents some important areas that I'm being intentional about improving and working on. I'll give you a couple of highlights of these four things and then some more detailed posts coming soon.

1. One thing I'm really excited about and happy to be pursuing is I've signed up to be a distributor for It Works! I've been admiring friends doing this business from afar and now I'm trying it out myself. I've only been in four 10 days and so far it's so fun. They tout that it's about family, friends and freedom and so far that is true. I look forward to sharing more with you as time goes on and I gain more experience.

2. Gentle parenting. Life has and is continuing to be very hard with the loss of my mom. I struggled with being the gentle parent I so desire to be before my mom passed and now that she is gone I continue to have a hard time. Quite a while back I found this author named L. R. Knost. While I don't agree with some of her political stances I absolutely love her approach to parenting gently. She has an article about the 12 baby steps to gentle parenting by month and I'm going to try and follow that and I hope slowly and surely I will become more the momma I desire to be.

3. My real food journey continues. I have a long list of habits that I want to change just for myself much less my sweet children. I am happy to say I have all my ferments back up and running and I hope to explore this more. I do much better feeding my family real food when I meal plan and stick to it. 

4. Lastly and most importantly to all of this is GriefShare. The night my mom died I knew I would need some help with processing all of this. Finally, I'm getting some help. Every Thursday night I get to go for two hours and process some of the past three years. I look forward to sharing and processing as much as I can with this blog. 

I continue to have a fussy baby who takes up most of my night time so I really hope I can do this with this blog. I think of it often and how I'd really like to chronicle more moments. I've been living in survival mode the last 3 years and I'm ready to climb out of that and become stronger and more capable of the things that I so desire for myself and my family. Hope I can keep it up and hope you stick around. Goodnight.


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